Komal is taking the art of costume jewelry to the next level !

Rani Komal Jain, based out of Delhi is a graduate in jewelry designing from Pearl Academy of Fashion and also a GIA diamond grader. She has been featured on India’s top Entrepreneurs. She is also highly spiritual and a Sadhguru devotee, having completed three meditation programs with him.

Being a jewelry enthusiast and researcher herself, Komal discovered two extremely important factors in the jewelry industry while researching the market:

  • First and foremost, the current generation does not believe in spending a fortune on precious jewelry.
  • Secondly, ever since the popularization of destination weddings, women prefer not to travel with real jewelry for safety concerns.

As a result of these factors, Komal understood that people need jewelry that does not strain their wallets while still being able to provide them with that unique appearance whenever they wear it. So, keeping this in mind Komal decided to create a brand that fits all the right criteria for the modern jewelry enthusiast. SMARS Jewelry creates jewelry that is not just within a woman’s budget, but also has that unique appearance to it since it utilizes semi-precious stones along with craftsmanship that is highly precise and exquisite.

Additionally, as compared to real jewelry, costume jewelry allows a lady to have a varied collection. There are a number of players in the costume jewelry market, but the quality and polish of their products are not very impressive. As a result, Komal wanted to build a line of jewelry that would appear like real jewelry while still fitting into any kind of clothing or event.

When Komal considered switching from diamond jewelry to costume jewelry in 2016, Komal launched her venture SMARS Jewelry.  While being a very spiritual girl, Komal is also a family committed person and the term “SMARS” is taken from her entire family members’ initials making the venture even more special and valuable to her.

Back in 2010, Komal used to work at a diamond jewelry start-up. She worked there for 5 years before she finally left to create her own brand and venture. By that period, Komal had gained enough experience to launch her own brand. In January of 2016, she finally launched SMARS Jewelry with Indian fashion jewelry. Previously, she had a limited space in a retail store from where she sold her unique and creative jewelry. It was going well until 2019 when she appreciated that apart from work, she also needed to plan for a family.

She wanted to have a kid, so Komal gradually began to convert her offline work into online work. Being thoughtful of the fact that going to the shop with a little infant would have been impossible for her, she made a decision in 2019 and launched her very first internet presence on Etsy. It is a very renowned handcrafted products site established in the United States and over a span of few months, Komal started receiving amazing feedback from her clients. So, in August 2019, she closed her business and went full-time into online work. She was doing remarkable business on Etsy and in 2020 she was blessed with her pregnancy.

Unfortunately along with her pregnancy, the world become victim to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and just like everyone else, her business was also put to hold due to lockdowns happening around the world. Even though the Covid situation improved considerably in late 2020, but Komal didn’t resume her online business for a long time and decided to take a break from her work, since the due date for delivery of her child was approaching.

After her short break, in January 2021, Komal was finally able to resume her work with Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook.  Later, at the end of last fiscal year, she launched her jewelry store on

 So far, her jewelry is accessible on Etsy, Wedmegood, Southindiajewels, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. With so much positive feedback and happy clients around the world, Komal is planning to launch her very own online website sooner than anticipated.

You can easily connect with Komal and her high-quality costume jewelry collection by clicking on the links given below: :





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