Know about the Iconic Abhishek Mishra, who is living vivaciously through his books

We always like to know about any author who has written a book so that we may know the whereabouts of such ideas and imagination. Abhishek Mishra has turned out to be one such author I’m sure you will love to know about.

Author Abhishek Mishra is from Delhi and has completed his bachelor’s from Delhi University. He is currently working in the IT sector.

His love for books increased when he first read Munshi Premchand’s book Rangbhoomi. This book changed his life in a positive way. He says that when someone reads a book, they can see themselves as the protagonist, and they live their life through that book. Because of this fascination, he started writing as he could turn and create his imaginary world through his writings. Abhishek Mishra says that there is no greater weapon than imagination.

When asked about his hobbies, Abhishek Mishra said that he loved playing chess and loved reading. He does not only focus on a single genre and likes to read about different regions and different content all the time. He is also a foodie. As he’s working in the IT sector right now, he’s not a full-time writer currently. He wishes to do that in the future and create something good through his imagination. One cannot change what happening in his/her life, but one can surely get lost in a book as there is no bound in imagination. He wants to explore and continue reading and experimenting, but he can’t give it time because he needs to take care of his expenses.

Why did he choose writing? When asked this, he answered that he was always fascinated by short stories like Hitopadesha, Panchtantra, Tenali Rama, Akbar or Birbal, Mullah Nasruddin. These and other detective stories were the best time spent during his childhood. He says that he never regretted picking up any book and reading it. He felt just as reading takes him into a different dimension, writing can do that too, and this way, he could also frame his own imagination into words. He devotes his free time to reading and writing poetry because books take you to a different world, it takes you somewhere where you are the protagonist, and you can do anything in the world there. You don’t need logic in books, and that’s one of the reasons why he loves to write, as he can imagine anything. He never feels stressed about writing something in fact hearing that your book is being printed makes me want to shout and jump with joy. According to him, the feeling of writing a novel is immortal, and no one can explain what it feels like to look at your printed book for the first time. He is also looking forward to writing something new and creating his own little universe.

They were being taught telepathy. How did they have to hunt the other subconscious mind…..?

Furthermore, Abhishek Mishra is trying something new as he has always loved reading detective novels; he wanted to write one of his own. For the new and upcoming authors, he just suggested them to keep writing, as there’s joy in writing. If you can write in words what you imagine, that’s one of the greatest talents you have received, and it shouldn’t go to waste.

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