Kick is an Indian short Video sharing platform where the content creators and the users can create and share short videos through their profile. The length of every video recording will be from 15 seconds to 1 minute.”

The majority of the mobile applications available and operating in the Indian market are either funded or backed by Chinese investors. The majority of the profit made by them belongs to Chinese companies. But, KICK is an application that Bharat entirely develops, in Bharat, and for Bharat.

KICK was co-founded by Ashish Jaiswal, who is an entrepreneur and a marketing enthusiast. It has a team of experts in a range of skills with rich experience in mobile and website development that build tools so that any business can enhance its brand visibility online through this platform. It consists of a world-class team of designers, developers, marketing professionals that make itself a good team.

When did the journey start?

The co-founder Ashish shares, “One fine day, I was surfing the content on a short video sharing mobile application and encountered that lot of features were missing from that application. The wordings used were wrong, and a lot of vulgarities were discovered in the videos. And not just these, I found that these applications eventually end up delivering zero value to the users. This triggered me to develop our application with added new features that are not just beneficial for the creators but also for the users.”

The application spared no effort in strict security of data so that no vulgarities or any breaches can occur, and more than anything, the application will add value to its users and the creators.

KICK is still under development that will be available on the Apple Store and Google Play store as soon as the product is completed. That is expected on or before the 1st week of January 2022.

What makes KICK Unique?

1- KICK is a made-in-India mobile Application. 

2- It has distinguished features for the users and creators that will earn by using their unique content creation skills.

3- It will provide 100% data safety and security. 

4- Since the database is stored in India, it ensures that the users’ data will neither be shared nor leaked by any means. 

5- 100% Privacy guaranteed. 

6 – It adheres to the strict policy so that no vulgarity, nudity, or unethical content promotion is encouraged.

7- KICK is focused on empowering and nurturing the hidden talent from the rural areas

8- The original and distinctive features make it a blend of mobile entertainment & learning. 

KICK has been facing few obstacles in terms of added funds for the successful launch of the application. There are many other competitors in the market to compete with as marketing and advertisement costs are high. To bridge this gap, they have started a support campaign so that the public can come out in support of this that sets them apart from the crowd and promote Atmanirbhar Bharat with made in India applications. As a perk, they are also providing exciting rewards for the supporters. The supporters can claim their compensation through the portal itself. You can learn more details from this link – 

The monetary support from the general public can help them compete and secure a position in the market with distinctive and unique features of the app. 

As shared by Ashish, “We Indians have used a lot of mobile apps developed by other countries, now it’s our turn to make the world use the mobile apps made by Bharat and in Bharat.”

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