“Khushboo bikherti pagdandiyan”

“Khushboo bikherti pagdandiyan” is a beautiful collection of one hundred twenty poems that motivates us during the low phase of our life; gives us the patience to desire hope during the hard phase that life throws on us, and enlightens us with the knowledge of current happenings in shayrana andaaz that we Indians usually admire with our cup of tea during the evening rain.

Very few poets contribute their intellectual creativity to the Indian Hindi kavya Sahitya and Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) is one among them; After releasing on 18th February 2021, Khushboo Bikherti Pagdandiyan became an instant hit among the readers. In May and June, 10000+ copies were sold and distributed worldwide. The massive success of this book has pushed the author to work on multiple projects together. 

What’s Poetry is about?

If one tends to question what poetry is about, Mr. Margesh would tenthly reply that it is all about rhyming the rhythm of words along with the feelings that would reach the hearts of the readers. Every success story is filled with storms of hardship that people with dreams refuse to dwell upon, and today standing has the strongest pillar achieving their dreams. Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) is that pillar who achieved his dream, he was quite famous for his poetic “shayrana andaaz” among his friends ever since his childhood and was always encouraged and supported by his father. In a world full of flamboyance and fashion, Poems penned by Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) are those peaceful blows of words that a poet articulates to let the world know his dimension of seeing the world systole and diastole that life takes every individual that keeps motivating them to achieve their goal.

An insight on creative thoughts of Poet

Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) is born on 1st September 1995 in Uttar Pradesh city Banaras. He wrote his debut poetry book in 2020, “Poetry: A garland of words”; is one of the best-selling poetic books on Amazon. Every Artist for insightful, creative content seeks inspiration, and in today’s clamorous world, finding one’s inspiration is a laborious task, but Margesh is fortunate enough to find his inspiration at a tender age by his admiration for nature and cosmos. He draws inspiration from nature and lets his readers be inspired by such motivation that nature provides through his artistic, intellectual creativity that readers can find in his Poems. After writing a story of success with his debut poetry book “Poetry: A garland of words,”; he came up with his second poetry book, and this time he showcased his potential in Hindi poetry. The reviews down the view on Amazon tell us that how the poetic expression had become an inseparable part of their lives and have the power to touch people, soul, and heart, inspire them and heal them to be a better person. Both of his poetry books became Amazon’s bestseller in the poetry category. Furthermore, his debut poetry book (Poetry- A garland of words) has got blessing in the form of Sahityakosh Samman 2021.

On an exciting note, the name of poet Margesh Rai (Margdarshan); Margdarshan” is the pen name of the writer meaning GuidanceJust like he aim in inspiring the world through his writings. He believes in the ideology “be the change you want to see in the world,” and his writings are the outcome of his belief to help people to follow their dream and inspire them, letting them stay motivated. For him, it’s all about finding himself while losing himself in the service of others. 

Not only these few poems of Mr. Margesh describes the patriotism and current issue that India has been facing; his beautiful articulation of expression in the poem “NETA” actually takes us to the corrupt scenario of Indian politics that every citizen is well acquitted yet tend to fall for the cheap tantrums of political campaigning before elections.

The poem Kalam Ki Taaqat indeed describes the power of writing. The knowledge that a pen can spread cannot be compared through any other weapon and the consistency that the poet desires for putting down his feelings through pen can be seen in this poem.

Subah Ka Manzar, Meri Kalam, Lakshya are also those poems that a reader in one touch would feel the expression behind every word that the poet seeks to inspire. One of the best works of Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) is Vairagi Ho Jaun: these words give a chill down the spine; in a world, while everyone is seeking either success or luxury, the poet takes us to the arena of peace that simplicity can provide.

Readers View

“One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.”

Poems composed by Margesh Rai (Margdarshan) are immensely inspirational that act as teachers to those children who want to achieve success in life, his collection of poems is that beautiful articulation of poems that will keep on inspiring the people for ages; his contribution to Hindi & English literature will remain in the journey of all those people who love to read poems and aspire to use one to bring a change in society.

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