Jugaad India is the one-stop destination for all your problems!

In today’s fast-paced world trying to find the perfect solutions for all your problems can be difficult and extremely time-consuming. Although the internet has many online websites that can easily cater to your needs, finding the one that can cater to your each and every need is not an easy task. This is where the best online home service provider Jugaad India can come in handy.

Ankit Mishra the owner of the company Jugaad India used to stay in Delhi with his family, while his mother used to live alone in his birthplace of Lucknow. Ankit’s mother faced a lot of challenges and problems with her day-to-day needs while living alone, whether it was a plumber, an electrician, or simple food necessities. This was when Ankit got the idea for his company as any concept is formed out of a necessity, and Jugaad India is no exception. When he watched his mother suffer to meet her daily requirements, Ankit decided to build a platform where people can order any sort of service from the comfort of their own home, with vetted vendors and cheap pricing.

This uprising online service provider can easily provide you with a wide variety of services like shopping for home appliances, finding jobs online, online groceries, and many more. While creating the company Ankit Mishra the CEO of Jugaad India had one thing in his mind and that is the company’s tagline – “You got a problem? We have a solution!” ever since then, he has helped the company grow rapidly while making sure to successfully satisfy the customers along the way.

Ankit understood that the online Indian market is full of many different kinds of service providers that not only provide low-quality products and services but the customer suffers greatly as they have to go from one website to another to fulfill their necessary needs. This not only takes up a lot of time and energy but also can be very confusing for the customers online.

This is when Ankit made the decision to open a unique and one-of-a-kind home service providing company that can effectively and efficiently cater to all the needs of Indian customers. The company Jugaad India which started with just 60,000 rupees back in 2016, is now worth more than 25 cores. In the initial years, Ankit had a very small team of 4-5 team members, now after years of hard work and spending days and nights helping the brand expand and develop,  the company now has a team of over 213 employees. This not only showcases how well the company has performed on paper in the span of 6 years but also showcases that it is reliable and truly the one-stop destination for all your needs.

With 24/7 Customer Support, one can be assured that Jugaad India is not only a unique home services provider but it also takes the concerns of the customer very seriously as customer satisfaction is its top priority.

From home appliances, marketplace, online grocery to Jugaad India mart and job search, truly has something to offer for everyone.

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