Journey of Gineel N Fitness “This pandemic, your health is your SIP.”

Fitness professional in mind and an entrepreneur in spirit. Gineel Navalkar started his journey in the fitness industry at the age of 17. He went from being a cheer in the school crowd to impacting 2000+ lives with his holistic fitness training. Very few people know that Gineel quit his white-collar job at a multinational bank when Fitness wasn’t considered a profession, only to follow his passion. 

Gineel’s personal experiences had taught him very early on that only a fit body can stand the test of time. Your smartwatch may sure nudge you to take enough steps a day but won’t guarantee the abs you’re craving for. 

When businesses were reeling under the impact of lockdown, Gineel’s entrepreneurial instincts kicked in. He put together years of hard work and opened a Gineel N Fitness studio at Pune in May 2020. A space where people could join in for a therapeutic yoga session or a high-intensity workout.

A healthy mind & fine body doesn’t come with tweaks in the routine but from a lifestyle overhaul. Gineel has a simple concept, your bank balance will aid you in illness, but a fit body will aid you in life. That is why, in addition to offering personalized training, he emphasizes the habit of discipline. 

With 13 years of experience and 2000+ clients from all over the world, age groups, and races, Gineel has positioned himself as an expert in the industry. From body-conditioning workouts to calisthenics’ training, his team of 5 fitness enthusiasts make crazy workout routines fun and engaging.

There’s no well-kept secret that can result in significant body transformations. The secret sauce is nothing but discipline, focus, and determination. Gineel’s studio has a dedicated team of fitness experts who come together and inspire their clients to work harder, eat better and grow stronger. 

The fitness industry is flooded with “Lose 10 kgs in 30 days” challenges. Gineel N Fitness steers clear from such ideas. Gineel says, “Fitness is not a day 30-day challenge or crash course; it’s a lifestyle.” 

Fitness success stories rarely have a linear graph going upwards. Consistency is the key. With the growing work-from-home culture and the pandemic, there has never been a better time to invest in your health. 

Gineel is a NESTA certified, USA, Californian-based Fitness. His experience, certification, and dedication towards clients make him worthy of recognition. He is accompanied by a team of 5 experts in Calisthenics, Yoga, Functional training, Adult Gymnastics, Weight training, and Body conditioning workouts. 

Gineel has a burning desire to share his knowledge and encourage people to take charge of their lives. His knowledge and expertise make his training sessions exponential. Apart from being a fantastic fitness coach, Gineel is an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, and a person of high values. 

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