Jonas Monteiro: An Artist and Entrepreneur Who is Making Waves

Jonas Castilho Monteiro is a singer-songwriter, musician, DJ, entrepreneur, karaoke host, artist manager, psychologist, social media consultant, writer, social media influencer, and the list goes on. He is a jack of all trades who is making quite an impact. He is an individual who has been known to undertake risks associated with creating music, organizing things into perspective, and owning a business. He completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore and still sees clients despite his busy artist schedule. 

Knowing that music has always been his passion since a young age, he decided to pursue it more seriously once he completed his education. He started as a solo artist and, when popularity hit, launched his band ‘Jonas Monteiro Collective,’ which was quite popular in Bangalore. Trying his hand at songwriting, Jonas has planned to release his singles and maybe even an EP in 2022. You can expect a lot of genres to which Jonas is drawn to such as rock, soul, and pop dance music, in the upcoming tracks. He was known to be a great singer and host, he slowly began hosting Karaoke events in Bangalore, and they soon became some of the most trending ones in the city. He was also the organizer and host of the ‘VH1 Karaoke World Championships’ (India) in 2018. Jonas decided to pursue a career as a DJ in mid-2018. Growing up listening to hip-hop, 80s music, country, classic rock and R&B, this became infused in his diverse spectrum of musical influence. Having opened up for the likes of Dyro (Netherlands), Romeo Blanco (Belgium), ATLiens (Atlanta), Zaeden (India), Ritviz (India), and many more, his DJ sets infuse together all pieces of music that he loves best: ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, vocal hooks, and foot- shuffling hip-hop beats. From playing at empty pubs to becoming one of the most trending DJs in the country, 3 years as a DJ has been a fruitful journey for Jonas. 

Jonas has performed at over 1000 gigs since he started his music career in 2016, both in India as well as internationally. He successfully launched his event company Artiste Domain in 2019 with his co-founder Harsh which isn’t an unfamiliar name when it comes to events. Since its inception, artiste Domain has achieved a lot, such as live music, corporates, club nights, and events touring international artists in India. They have toured international artists in India such as Hozho, Nusha, Deniz Bul, Highlight Tribe, Stan Kolev and many more and worked with many well-reputed Indian artists too. 

During the Covid19 pandemic, Jonas decided to use his following of over 25,000 followers on Instagram to help small businesses and artists to get a boost through his live interviews on the platform. This caught the attention of his friend Gaurav Bohra who is the Founder and CEO of Insider Media Corp, India. He decided to partner with Jonas to launch Goan Insider. Jonas saw this as the perfect opportunity to help people from his home state, Goa, to get a good reach online by getting features on the platform. They have enormously been helping women entrepreneurs in Goa and encouraging women to consider entrepreneurship which is not a common trend in Goa. Jonas says, ‘It’s always good to keep realistic goals and to never underestimate yourself to have a successful career in anything that you are passionate about. Above all, it’s very important to be humble and down to earth every step of the way.’

Social media and its capabilities interest Jonas a lot. This motivated him to become social media consultant and influencer, working with several well-reputed brands over the years. During the pandemic, being the entrepreneur that he is, Jonas, along with his brothers, Flobert and Levin, helped their mother launch La Festa Goa, a family food business well known for its Goan pickles and masalas. People from various parts of the world have fallen in love with their flavours. He says that “We only serve the best and everything is homemade to ensure that the authenticity and flavour never changes.” What is even more remarkable is that 3/4th of the profit from the sales of La Festa goes towards the charity work done by the Focolare Movement. Also, they only employ uneducated homemakers or have left their jobs after marriage to empower them to be self-sufficient.  

Jonas Monteiro is a personality you must follow, especially if you are an aspiring artist or entrepreneur. His story is one of what dreams are made of. You can follow him to stay updated on his social media accounts below:

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