JMD Enterprises’ “Kanha Ki Murli” sung by CGC Jhanjeri’s Aakash Khurana hit 23000 views in three days

A student named “Aakash Khurana” has made a successful debut in the music industry by singing a devotional song on Lord Krishna. The song is Labeled and presented by a very popular Delhi-based devotional music company called JMD Music and Films. The song is captivating the online viewers by storm. The Song is written by Snehil Sharma, a known digital media professional, and author, while the music is given by Daksh Ahuja of Delhi. Snehil Sharma mentored Aakash Khurana to start his musical career with a devotional song. Daksh Ahuja is a childhood friend of Aakash. 

The Song’s powerful lyrics, soothing music, and melodious voice of Aakash Khurana are what all the viewers are commenting about the song. Aakash Khurana teamed up with other students of CGC Jhanjeri to make a video. The Video is featuring Shrijan Tripathi, Jatin Bhardwaj, Aradhya, Muskan Verma, Vishu, and Deepak Kumar. Though the video is so so, the talk of the town is the Song. This Song’s lyricist Snehil said that for him the song is not just a representation of his devotional vibe but it assures Love as the dearest offering to Lord Krishna. Snehil Sharma is also a mythologist from childhood he has an interest in finding the similarity between Indian Mythology and Science. While talking to him, he said “no matter how much we try to find logics and read scripture., it is only love and devotion toward God which actually satisfy and give inner peace. Seeing these students love towards their craft and using this craft in right driection, assures me that I am doing right thing. I thank to JMD Enterprises for giving us good platform to start career in this domain”. We are coming up with new projects like this very soon.” JMD Enterprises are running many music channels and YouTube like JMD Music & Films, Shyam Bhajan Sangrah etc. Kanha ki Murli bhajan has been released on Shyam Bhajan Sangrah.    

After talking to Aakash he said that he has been learning music for more than 7 years , but for his higher studies , He took admission in CGC Jhanjeri where a singing auditions were held. Being a singer, he gave auditions there but unfortunately no one noticed him there as there were so many students who gave auditions. That was a disappointment for him. Then one day, he was sitting in the lawn with the guitar where he met Snehil Sharma, the known mythologist and digital marketer. He said that he noticed Aakash at the time of auditions too and asked personally about his music journey. He got to know that Aakash knows to compose a song and have learnt music production. He said to Aakash to compose a lyrics and at that time he did in 5 minutes. He liked his skills and gave Aakash the beautiful lyrics that came out into a peaceful song ‘ kanha ki Murli ‘ in which the soulful music is given by my childhood friend ‘Daksh Ahuja’. Add to that Snehil has great writings written by himself. The Trio of Daksh, Aakash and their mentor Snehil has a long way to go together . Many more to come in future as well

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