January 30, 2023

JCF Skill Academy Enlightening Girls with Skill Based Courses to locate their future

JCF Skill Academy Enlightening Girls with Skill Based Courses to locate their future

As per UNICEF statistics today 1.2 billion adolescents stand at the crossroads between childhood and adult world. Around 243 million of them live in india. In India adolescents, young people between the age 10 to 19, account for nearly one quarter of the total population and they face a unique set of challenges, including an escalating number of humanitarian crises and conflicts, climate change and environmental degradation and rapid urbanization. Therefore, the sensitization of youth is very crucial at this point of time.

Our society is committed to accelerating and enhancing quality in everything equality and to shining a spotlight on inequality wherever we find it. It should inform the global development agenda going forward and advance momentum toward a better future for all. But There is a lack of things in our society. 

Voice and JCF Organization: Empowering Women and Girls for Shared Prosperity represent

JCF consistently believed in providing the less privileged a chance to study education and discover how they can shape their future. Education is fundamental in a changing world. Being an ngo for women near me, we at JCF understand that every deserving woman, deprived of opportunities due to known or unknown reasons should be given a chance to pursue her own dreams. JCF exists to voice the opinion and concern of adolescent girls in the society. Through a comprehensive engagement strategy JCF women for women foundation has been conducting awareness programs on: Gender Equality, Sexual Abuse, Academic Failure, Peer pressure, Health, Domestic violence and Hygiene, Drug Effects, Male dominance and Confidence development in Government schools of North West Delhi.

Being an ngo for women empowerment, JCF’s this project is unique as it is managed by a group of volunteers from various colleges and skill training centers. We motivate them to become a part of this initiative and provide them extensive training. Once the volunteers are trained enough then we allocate them a school to conduct sensitisation sessions in Government School.

There are many locations in India where the girls are not able to do anything as per their choicce and also their parents are not allowing them to go anywhere from their area for study and for any purpose. So sometimes this mentality is not growing in the girls minds and the girls do not know about any high level of education or any skill tranning and courses.

Being an ngo for women rights in delhi, JCF runs multiple programme to facilitate holistic development of a girl child. In our Yuvika program, we collect survey data by conducting surveys in Slum area, J.J. Colonoies  and urban areas like Bakkarwala gaon,Mundka, madanpur, Majra dabas, Hiran kunda, Nangloi J.J colony, and Narela more in Delhi India where there is no any source for gaining knowledge and pursuing courses for women like which JCF (Jove Conscious Foundation) conducts. And then, we provides constructive counseling to the resident girls having no idea what to do for their future or for their studies. Some of them are studying but don’t know about what to do as per their interest and from where to gain the knowledge about it. Some girls really want to pursue some good courses but they are not able to because of their financial condition.

With meaningful women empowerment training, JCF ensures meaningful participation of nearest stakeholders: parents, guardians, teachers, government agencies and students in these programs. An important mandate of the Women Empowerment is to sensitize and educate women about their well-being, about their safety and their rights. JCF takes into consideration all the necessary steps towards such projects.

About the NGO
Jove conscious Foundation is a non-governmental, Centre for women empowerment training in Delhi, established in 2015 and it is active in Mundaka village in the northwest part of Delhi, India. Jove conscious foundation is a ngo for women rights that are government recognized, & a government-approved organization relentlessly working towards the overall development of women and the causes related to them.

This was aimed to create a nest where women can feel safe, empowered, and confident. To know more about Yuvika and our actions for women rights and awareness in society, please visit our website: http://www.jcf.org.in/yuvika/

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