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Writers may be many, but enthusiasts are few! There isn’t a single field of business that doesn’t require the services of a writer, but Jasika Saluja, a part time blogger and a full-time content writer is purely driven by the passion of expressing her thoughts and ideas to others, rather than being lured by the demand of the profession.

She has contributed articles to Hindustan Times- Inner Voice daily column which deals with topics related to inner instinct and spirituality. She also worked freelance for Embibe learning platform and served as a ghost writer to many clients. Apart from that she has a seasonal blog on Saluja wherein she writes on various social issues and lifestyle topics. But that’s not all about her!

The roots of her passion date way back to her school years, when she was appreciated by her teachers for her style and flair in writing routine essays. Emerging as a State topper in ISC 12th board with a distinction in English, instilled the much needed confidence to carry her interest forward. However, it wasn’t a kick start!

Being a commerce topper, my parents saw it as an insane thing to change my field and thought I was destined to be an MBA (deemed goal for any commerce graduate). My own indecisiveness added to the reason I ended up in BBA, whereas I wanted to explore print journalism. I call it fate!” she exclaims.

As a destiny’s child, she went with the flow and studied subjects as diverse as Business Management, CS and Fashion Designing, before discovering her true calling. During her entire graduate and postgraduate learning years, she kept crossing paths with her passion through independent blogs and writing internships that naturally came her way. With time she grew apart from her educational field and turned her passion into a part time and eventually, a full-time profession where there was no looking back.

Her proficiency in English even landed her the first full-time job as an IELTS Trainer straight after post graduation, though her educational background spoke differently. She has been quite lucky to be judged by her talent and not her degrees in her employment journey and is currently working as a full-time content writer with marketing company Socialchaat, based in Chandigarh.

In her personal and professional writing journey so far, she has written articles and blogs on different genres such as lifestyle (food, travel, fashion, fitness), decor, education, nature, social issues, short stories, social media marketing, ad posts, and so on. But she prefers doing one thing at a time, and is right now on professional mode!

When asked about her mode of selecting a topic, she replies in a very simple and thought provoking manner, “I pick up elements from my surroundings and like to build a write up on it. I feel our day to day life presents ample situations that people can relate to, when presented appropriately in an article. This is the way I express my thoughts and opinions about a particular subject and raise my voice over anything that’s wrong around us, just like a next door narrator.”

“So what’s your all time treasured genre?” we asked. “It has to be nature of course! I love diverting people’s attention towards the intrinsic beauty of the environment, which has absolutely no alternative” she eagerly mentioned. “A life lived sans cherishing nature, is a life wasted each moment. Everything we learn or do has its roots in the environment and our very essence of living is derived from it” she quipped.

Ask her about her favourite author and she answers “Ruskin Bond” in a blink of an eye. His easy and conversational approach to writing is what strikes the chord with her. She feels to have been inspired by his simple, yet deep style of writing, which has a mass appeal and is intriguing enough to make one enter his world of imagination in an instant.

She ultimately aspires to write a short and engaging novel in the near future, and we wish her all the best in her endeavour.

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