Jasdev Singh said school/colleges does not teach you about financial freedom*

Meet Jasdev Singh a young digital Entrepreneur/social media marketer & crypto trader from Jammu and Kashmir.

Jasdev Singh was born on April 1-04-1998 in Udhampur district, Jammu and Kashmir.

 Recently he has done his  degree in civil engineering from Kurukshetra UNIVERSITY.

Jasdev Singh said that

Last year in 2020

He learns a lot of things from this Covid19 pandemic. He said during this pandemic in India many people approx 30 million people have lost Their jobs,

But during this covid19

Jasdev Singh’s online business grown-up tremendously.

Jasdev is a social media marketer/affiliate marketer/crypto trader and content creator He is providing many services related to Digital marketing.

Jasdev Singh said school /college does not teach us all about financial freedom.

College does not teach us things like:

  • How to start your own business/start-up.
  •  How to invest
  • How compound interest work
  • How to save money and invest in our learning
  • What we should do in our life*

College doesn’t teach us about entrepreneurship.

Unfortunately, the school /college system is grooming us in a way that says ‘Hey, let’s be a lawyer or let’s be a doctor,’ and we’re missing that opportunity because no one ever says, ‘Hey, be an entrepreneur.’”

Jasdev Singh said if college/school didn’t teach all these things.

But he can teach that all the above-mentioned things.

He is one of those people who never tend to give up on things. His aim is to succeed in whatever he is doing. There is no way he can give up or end things halfway. He keeps on going till he finds success. The source of motivation is his work and goals. But to be honest the motivation is temporary! And the real gem which keep you going is your consistency, patience, and discipline.

He wants to be a source of inspiration for people out there. That anyone can achieve their goal if they work hard and never give up. Impossible is just a myth. If you work for it you will get it. Failures just add up to your experience and help you to do even better.  He has generated a revenue of 7lakhs rupees and helped around 100 people to earn through the internet. Mission.

 Jasdev Singh is currently mentoring more than 100 plus young entrepreneurs.

He helps students/employees to start Their own highly profitable business online.

His mission is to produce more than 2000   new young entrepreneurs in 2021.

If you  also wanna learn from him

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