It is time to grab your friends and recall your childhood friendship as JSR Production House is all set to release their new movie “Mussoriie Boyz”

JSR Production House is a full-service video production company specializing in video creation, television and online video content, film production, video editing and marketing videos. VHS Media LLP is another production house under MR.TARUN SINGH RAWAT and MR.JASWANT SINGH RAWAT name, which is located in the foothills of Dehradun, Uttarkhand. Their upcoming project is the most awaited one and it has created a buzz among the young audience. The name of the mega project is “Mussoriie Boyz”

75% of the movie is complete and they will soon wrap up the whole film to release it somewhere between July to September. The location of the film is in and around the beautiful valley of Dehradun and the snow-capped mountains of Mussoorie.

Mr Tarun Singh Rawat who is the producer of this upcoming movie has shed some light on his vision about the production house. He said “Our goal is to bring my vision to life through creative storytelling. We have been doing this by using our experience and learning in the film industry and working dedicatedly at each step, from concept development to project completion. We also create video songs of different genres which includes Baby Bas Kar, Speed, Bharat hai Hum, Bairi Piya and many more. The best part about working with JSR Production House is our commitment to bringing value to Uttarakhand.

The film stars Mr Prashil Rawat as one of the protagonists playing the role of Vicky. Mr Prashil has previously worked in the movie 72 Hours. This movie was also produced by JSR Production House. In this movie, he played a soldier, and his character was quite difficult to pull but Prashil Rawat did it with so much ease and showed his acting skills brilliantly. His performance was well-received by the viewers.  This time he was looking for a different character and the character of Vickey well suited him, that is why he transitioned his role from a serious character of Rifleman Jeet Singh in 72 Hours to a funloving jovial character in the upcoming movie ‘Mussoriie Boyz’.

The cast of the movie is filled with highly capable personalities

Prashil Rawat as Vickey – The plays the famous superstar

Rahul Singh in the role of Sodi – His character portrays a typical powerful Punjabi Munda

Vijay Krishna as Chaudhary

Amika Shail as Ria – previous projects were Naagin and Balveer

 Naina Singh as Mandira

Parth Akerkar in the role of Karan from the movie Ashiqui 2

In the role of supporting actors this movies features

Mr Paul is a Gujjar friend.

Vishal Om Prakash as inspector Yadav

Ankit as a local friend.

The movie revolves around four childhood friends Vicky, Chaudhary, Sodhi and Panda (the cute comic relief) with share a memorable space but miss each other as they are busy in their lives. But, this does not stop their friendship from growing and they decide to plan a reunion to Mussoorie, where their friendship started. The movie will help you feel the reminiscence of childhood friendship and the emotions will help you recall your hostel life for sure.

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