EI is the ability to recognise, analyse, and manage our own and others’ emotions. It includes self-control, social skills, relationships, communication, and influencing or motivating others. Empathising with others, conquering problems, and defusing tension are all examples of emotional intelligence. Personal and professional goals are achieved with emotional intelligence. It can also help you connect with your emotions, take action on your goals, and make educated choices. IQ used to be considered the most critical aspect of a child’s growth. Today’s parents recognise that teaching children emotional and social regulation is as important as teaching them IQ abilities.

In school, sports, or dealing with bullies, young people face a wide range of emotionally charged situations that might be difficult for them to cope with calmly. As a result, a young person is compelled to respond appropriately because of social norms and expectations.

Parents often criticise their children for their outbursts and outrageous behaviour without realising that their children’s emotional intelligence may be improved via constant, attentive parental participation. 

We know that coaching can help children develop into well-rounded people with a positive attitude in life — says Bhawna Chopra Rustagi (Co-Founder of YoMindz)

With YoMindz, India has India’s first platform dedicated to children’s emotional and social development.

With YoMindz, India has India’s first platform dedicated to children’s emotional and social development.

Moreover, Anxiety, sadness, and suicidal thoughts are becoming increasingly common in children and adolescents, as evidenced by their Emotional and Behavioural changes. For Indian parents, their children’s future well-being is more important than their own.

“One of the most important requirements of today’s society is the ability to manage one’s social and emotional well-being. It serves as a link between the brain and the body. It’s therapeutic”— Atul Bhardwaj describes it as a necessary life skill (Co-founder of YoMindz)

YoMindz, India’s first digital ‘New Code Emotional Intelligence’ program, has some suggestions for helping kids nurture and grow their EI (Emotional Intelligence) or EQ:

Help them recognize their feelings by pointing them in the right direction.

No one recognizes and understands children’s hidden feelings and needs better than parents. Your child’s outlook and personality can be shaped by how well they understand and regulate their emotions. As a result, your job includes conversing with them about appropriate ways to respond to various situations while helping them identify distinct emotions. Educate children to understand and express their feelings in ways that are best suited to their unique personalities.

Communication that goes both ways:

Open, connected, and trusting environments promote better learning and development in children. They can recognise, comprehend, and freely express their emotions. Two-way communication allows parents to instill confidence in their children, which leads to a better parent-child relationship. Parents must talk to their children to express themselves while also teaching them the difference between good and wrong.

The Role’s Power:

When children play, they may express their creativity and imagination while improving their emotional intelligence skills like Role-playing, storytelling, cooperative games, and even basic DIY projects like labelling. Emotions can help build resilience, team spirit, better communication skills, and compassion for children.

Enthuse and motivate

We must accept our child’s feelings and viewpoints as parents. That way, children can express their sentiments without fear of ridicule, which helps them become familiar with a broader range of emotions. Moreover, by encouraging them through active listening and by actively participating in dialogues about their behaviour, you can help them gain self-awareness and teach them to reflect and arrive at well-considered decisions on their own in the long haul.

Vision of YoMindz

“More emotionally intelligent children are more likely to build deeper relationships, have more excellent mental health, and achieve success.”

Intending to create an emotionally healthy society, the YoMindz team has opted to produce emotionally intelligent children. New Code Emotional Intelligence is a unique blend of Social, Emotional Intelligence, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming that goes beyond the standard educational system, thanks to a substantial study on ideas and emotions conducted by the YoMindz team.

With the increasing number of mental and emotional breakdowns in children and adolescents in India, this curriculum is intended specifically for children aged 8 to 17 years old. It aims to help them work on their social and emotional quotient.

Once enrolled, every child will develop into an Emo–Warrior, able to deal with any issue no matter how big or tiny it may be with courage, accept it, and come up with a solution. 

We’re on a mission to raise a million Emo–Warrior by 2023, and we need your help. — says the founder of YoMindz.

Website: https://yomindz.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yo_mindz/

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