International Jasoos – Now within your reach!

Today we’re surrounded by so many fake personalities, motivated by the current scenario like COVID-19 also pressures of living through the burdens, stress and anxieties is increased which is affecting future course of action. After research & going through different journals, Dailyhunt found a “Certified International Jasoos – Detective Guru, Mr. Rahul Rai Gupta, Managing Director of Secret Watch Detectives Pvt. Ltd.” as the best option to identify and overcome such personalities after serious investigations & verifications. We also found impressive presence of Detective Guru – Mr. Rahul Rai Gupta on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Mr. Rahul Rai Gupta has been motivating and educating all educated and under-educated personalities by his videos, posts on social media.

The need and challenges of current scenario is to come out and identify the fake personalities surrounding us. These personalities can affect us in our Personal, Professional, Emotional, Financial, and Physical world and destroy our peace of mind. These so called fake personalities are like virus in our society, if not stopped or taken precautions they will spread and affect our entire environment. The need of a Detective Guru comes in our life to safeguard us from any kind of such difficulties and challenges. Secret Watch Detectives Pvt. Ltd., headed by Detective Guru – Mr. Rahul Rai Gupta is the platform where our need of these services can be fulfilled. SWD is the team of experienced detectives to identify such challenges and keep us informed about them. Anyone feeling presence of such people in their surroundings can hire the services at a reasonable and affordable price, anywhere and anytime around the world as Detective Guru- Mr. Rahul Rai Gupta is a certified international private detective since long.

“SWD – the team of Trouble Shooters” are capable of identifying and solving Personal problems like Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigations & Verifications, on the personal front. On corporate level Detective Guru is holding Pre & Post Employment Investigations & Verifications. Detective Guru – Mr. Rahul Rai Gupta, MD of Secret Watch Detectives Pvt. Ltd. has solved and identified such stories written by so called fake personalities. The benefit of identifying such personalities and throwing out them from our lives or teaching them a lesson, is the primary objective of Detective Guru, who’s having more than 20 years of vast experience in personal & corporate investigations. He’s having the expert team of trouble shooters who is capable of identifying and solving financial frauds, financial embezzlement, deceiving employees or officials.

The International Jasoos, Detective Guru – Mr. Rahul Rai Gupta, MD of Secret Watch Detectives Pvt. Ltd., always available for his expert services.

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