I am Satyam Singhal, a native resident of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, who commenced The Intern Patrika Program in the second lockdown. My highest education qualification is Bachelors in Commerce from University of Delhi.

Having leading my sanguine spirit through dismayed days of Covid chaos, my dyed-in-the-wool consciousness always knew about the possibility and ability to twinkle this time. 

Being a keen enthusiast, I surfed the best courses available for myself and my near and dear ones in almost every domain.

Akin to this, ideation sprouted up from my head to skyrocket my venture. I thought about how much of a struggle it must be for my friends and other people of similar age groups to get access to resources cheaper or even accessible. I decided to take the initiative to philanthropist and chip in help and support people via my skill-set. I mind mapped about curating detailed information about the latest internship programs, certification courses, job opportunities, studying abroad programs, international scholarships and disseminating it to the masses. 

I expedited my visualized plan and took it to the floors. Firstly, I created a WhatsApp group where I just had 10 people to begin with. Within a passage of a week, I managed to grow with over 150 students. As they say, well started is half done, the moment I could see the plan rolling out better than my expectations, I knew this would potentially work the best way for me and others. I created 1 more WhatsApp group and outshone by functioning and regulating 5 groups on the WhatsApp platform, which this day constitutes a total population of over 1000 individuals. We have managed to include students from PAN India and also internationally, including Nigeria, Thailand, and  Philippines etc.

My expansion was followed by formulating my page on LinkedIn. Since it has been gaining traction, I believed it to be the next great move, where now I have managed to gain over 2K followers. It is probably the best platform for you to hold my purpose and reach in my vision. I designed my website, christening it for better ordered referential data and greater access. 

I also took Intern Patrika to Instagram, one of the most used infotainment social platforms in today’s era. We are highly active by posting every day and maintain highlight sections and reels for better discretion. It currently stands to have 700 followers and to be the medium where we get the maximum feedback and appreciation. 

In my opinion, I feel the community I have been building is the most honest and down-to-earth. They do not miss the single opportunity to back the Intern Patrika team with constant feedback and encouragement. It’s not just the students but older adults who love to engage them in learning and master adeptness, have shown their immense love by continued promotion. 

However, I would like to delineate the other side of the coin, dictating I being in dire straits. 

Initially, During the launch, many of my acquaintances nearly discouraged me about having started a non-profit start-up quizzing me if I would be able to pull it in the long run without monetizing it. It devitalized my spirit for some stint, but I surmounted my dubious mind and focused my energy on hyper-intensive response and effort to broaden Intern Patrika’s horizon. 

Also, running short on my funds, I could not think about hiring a tech guy and instead learned website making on my own and outlined internpatrikain . 

Management burden posed serious challenges making me uncertain about the reach in the shortest time possible but leading a one-person army has enhanced my learning process incomparably and outstandingly.

I have received quite a partnership offer from people wanting to generate revenue together. Having been firmly driven by my vision to make Intern Patrika a social welfare manifesto, I want to work hard with zero zippo, the zilch instinct to commercialize out of it. 

Intern Patrika is the most ambitious and fulfilling project to date. Working on it every day makes me realize how perfect of an asset your brain is. I am overworking on days, sacrificing my sleep, and making time for it for the rewarding satisfaction expressed by my community every second day. I no longer feel discouraged by those who aim to suppress me down like me, and the Intern Patrika family has definitely outgrown this and finessing excellence now and every then. Feeling myself as a referred and proclaimed philanthropist, I aspire to do better and bigger for my venture. For me, it’s a profitable organization as it profits young minds via usable resources rendering them suffice and shining.

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