Insulted fired from job, What prompted Abhimanyu to start this business?

In June 2018, 31 year old Abhimanyu Datta left his family business after working for 9 years due to difference of opinion with his father and no pay for 8 years.

Abhimanyu was confident that his MBA degree would help him get a job easily. But the reality was different. Employers didn’t prefer candidates from business background. Other employers considered his job application as a fresher.

Abhimanyu realized this quickly. So he had to fake his CV showing his business experience as job experience. Still he did not get any interview calls. And Interview calls that came his way were either with low pay or jobs where having a MBA degree didn’t matter.

After a search of 6 months, Abhimanyu got an interview with an Insurance company for the position of Training Manager. After giving first round of interview he realized that it was more of a sales job rather than training. His parents weren’t confident that Abhimanyu would be successful in this job and asked him to reconsider the job proposal.

But Abhimanyu decided to take the job offer. He started his job in Jan 2019.

On 31st Jan 2019, Abhimanyu’s boss came to him asking him in the loud voice “kya ukhada 30 din main” (What did you achieve in this one month?)

Abhimanyu says, “I was shocked to hear such words from him! He had behaved with me very respectfully the whole month. I couldn’t understand why he spoke in an insulting tone?”

Abhimanyu further says that his boss told him that “since you haven’t been able to sell anything the whole month or sign up a single agent you have no choice but to resign or I will fire you from the job. What would you choose?”

Abhimanyu’s boss also said that, “if I had taken your interview I wouldn’t have hired you. I don’t know what head office people saw in you?’

Abhimanyu says “I was almost in tears as he insulted me in front of the whole office. But somehow I gathered my courage; I said that I will give my resignation. I left the job on 31st Jan 2019.”

On being asked how this experience affected him, Abhimanyu says,

On that day I realized 3 truths of life. One, MBA colleges are a waste of money if you are not studying in top 10 or top 20 colleges of India. It’s a sheer waste of money. Neither colleges teach you how to get a job nor do they teach you how to keep one. What they teach is government approved courses and basic grooming, communication skills.

Two, I realized the importance of life skills, personal development. It is very important to be a life-long learner in this fast changing world.

Three success and failure is all about how we handle our emotions. We should be controlling it, directing our emotions to succeed in life and not the other way round.

When we asked Abhimanyu what led him to start this business, he said

“From that day, I started my self-development journey. I started learning new skills every day, reading books. I worked with 3 coaches to heal myself and to learn new skills.

During this self-development journey I realized that there are so many people like me who are going through the same struggle that I went through.

That’s when I decided to help such people so that they don’t suffer what I went through and I became a Profit Scale up Coach.”

Abhimanyu has partnered with Miss Hiral Shah, a HR professional with 15 years of experience to start 10X Profit Hub Community.  

The community’s purpose is to help small business owners, consultants, coaches & trainers in the age group of 30 – 45 years to triple your sales using mind reading superpower.

On being asked about the services provided by the community, Abhimanyu said, “we offer short online courses, group coaching and one to one coaching. We also have an online community where people can join free of cost. Here they can learn more about life and business skills, mindsets and strategies. We also conduct live sessions, Q&A sessions and interviews with different experts on a continuous basis.”

To connect with Abhimanyu INSTAGRAM

To join 10X Profit Hub COMMUNITY

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