Insider Story of one of Indias Finest Derivative Expert -Mr Aksha Khosla

Aksha Khosla who is known to be on of India’s finest derivative analyst and expert who has an extensive understanding of investment strategies and is known for his consistency in giving repetitive and regular profits to his clients since more than a decade. His 12 stockbroking companies and associations are counted among the best in business today with an annual turnover of 24000+Crores.

He was just 19 when he entered the stock market and he was bullied and wiped out many a times because of his indiscipline and emotional attributes.

While recalling his days of struggles while he was born and brought up in Mumbai he added his late father Mr Daleep Khosla was also into stock broking. He was just 19 when he entered the stock market and he was bullied and wiped out many a times.He married in the year 2018 , Today his Discipline , strategies has made him a top-notch Mumbai-based securities analyst,

He is known to be result-driven, able to make sound decisions under pressure, and is approach is result oriented , his mathematical excellence and his strategies are known to be the best amongst others. That’s the reason why His stockbroking organization is one of the best in business today with a daily trading volume of 100-130 crore.

 Today He is just 37 year old and has a monthly turnover of about 2000 Crore handling various HNI and Ultra HNI Clients portfolio

He is Promoter /Founder of Khosla Trade wise Pvt Ltd

He is also a director in the following companies

1)Arkay Capital Pvt Ltd

2)AKMK Tradefirst Pvt Ltd

3)Khosla Trading House Pvt Ltd

4)Khosla Investsmart Pvt Ltd

5)Aksha Khosla Securities Pvt Ltd

Apart from that he is heading 7 other companies.

His three words advice “Safely Invest in Equity” has gained popularity and we can see him quoting this quote often in various articles. In all his interviews we will always find him vouching for equity investments saying India’s long-term growth story is intact. His advice to new comers and entrants is to take expert advice before investing.

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