Several years back a family of four had a meal outside and they fell ill due to food poisoning. While one of them had a fever, loose motions and extreme dehydration other three had milder symptoms. One had vomitings with extreme thirst. Another had a stomachache with nausea. While yet another had only loss of appetite. All of them had almost the same food and almost in same quantity, yet the symptoms and severity varied enormously. Whatever maybe the causative factor, it’s almost never that two patients will have same symptoms for one disease. So what’s the reason behind this ?

Paracelsus Paracelsus has said that “No knowledge is perfect unless it includes an understanding of the origin- that is the beginning; and as all man’s diseases originate in his constitution, it is necessary that his constitution should be known if we wish to know his diseases.”

Therefore a Homeopathic Consultant has to consider INDIVIDUALITY of a patient in order to CURE any disease ie treating the patient rather than treating the disease. Before prescribing, especially for chronic diseases, an ideal Homeopathic Consultant should ask the patient, at least 50 to 100 questions, in order to understand him, what needs to be cured, how the disease has originated and what’s maintaining it.

An individual’s personality starts shaping up right from inception of embryo in womb. The mental and physical state of mother, during pregnancy, hugely affects almost everything so much so that Abhimanyu from Mahabharat could learn about the Charvyuh, while still being in womb. Childhood trauma, abuse, domination, bullying, phobias, nightmares, delusions, dreams etc all have been found to be linked to various personality traits.

Later on in life, our anxieties, relationships, persistent thoughts, the thought process itself, our choices, reaction to stress, likings, dislikes, cravings, aversions, disagreements, our will, understanding, facial features, complexion, colour of hair, eyes, nails, height, build etc all decide our diseases, in the long run. The thoughts generated in Cerebral Cortex affects the Hypothalamus which indirectly controls the whole body including the immunity, secretion of hormones, movement of bowels, neurotransmitters, nerve conduction etc.

Therefore the factors which differentiate a person from another might be the single most important guide to a seemingly incurable disease. And this is what makes Homeopathy different from all other modes of treatment. While in Medical College, a medical student has to learn the origin of any disease, the physiology, the pathology, the prognosis, the diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment and management. But while treating a patient, a Homeopath has to completely understand the patient.

So, don’t be irritated when you go to a Homeopath for Diabetes and they start asking you about Dreams. While you may not be able to understand its connection, for a Homeopath, repeated significant  dreams might be eureka moment. One single symptom might serve as the guiding light in maze of hundreds of medicines for Diabetes.

Dr Lubna Kamal is serving as Asstt Professor in State PJLN Homeopathic Medical College.

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