Most iconic personalities like real heroes have previously faced some unfortunate situation. Even though they accomplish that position, some people feel jealous. Thus they reach the leading role in their life that everybody imagined reaching. No one can ever stop them in their ways of success. On this beautiful planet, being successful is the desire of many extraordinary people.

The man who is struggling for his life, as a crusader, he fought for a better tomorrow. He fought against superstition, fought against terrorism, he fought against child marriage and so many social evils for a better tomorrow. He wants a peaceful country and a peaceful world. None other than an Indian who’s hardcore and dynamic activist like Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia. He is a nationally and internationally acclaimed human rights and social activist from Assam. He has tireless advocacy, social influence and is a national social reformer.  

He is walking nationally towards ending terror, violence, superstitious activity for a better tomorrow, for a peaceful society within the country and globally.

In today’s modern age of science and technology, humanity is rapidly developing towards overall progress. There are still so many places in this world where superstition and cast-based issues rule the most. For instance, the increasing no of witch-hunting incidents rising out of superstitious believes in India.  

However, in this highly fragmented social scenario, Indian human rights, social activist, thought leader, and peace worker Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia moves across India with the message of brotherhood, communal harmony, peace, and humanity. Whenever any such incidents arise without any fear for his life, the most precious leader Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia tries to reach the grass-root level of that particular problem. With his strong advocacy and intense counselling, he tries to solve that matter.

Global warming is always a significant challenge for the environment. There is no such rocket science involved to know about essential factors that are causing global warming. Plantation, reducing the amount of combustion, less pollution is the key to saving Mother Nature. Social reformer Dr Saikia always highlights those particular points in community gatherings. He has planted many trees from time to time. Soon, he will scientifically work in these areas to stop pollution and global warming.

He is a receptionist of countless awards from different parts of the country and is internationally recognised for his immense contribution to peace, humanity, social harmony, and so many human rights factors. For his contribution to society, he has been recognised nationally and internationally. His awards include Babu Jagjivanram Rastiya Smiriti Sanman, Maulana Azad Notional Award, Gandhi Peace Ambassador International Award, Nelson Mandela International Award, Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam Rastra Ratna Award, Rajib Gandhi Excellence Award, Tilka Majhi Rashtriya Samman, Leadify India Leadership youth Icon of the year awards 2021, Paramveer Chakra Abdul Hamid Corona Yodha Award, Special Honour from World Genius Records from Nigeria, Rastra Prerna Award.

The ever-present interstate border rift among Assam with Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and entire Northeastern states is also something which Activist Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia has been working on. These border clashes keep happening for many years, especially in the Northeastern states. Whenever any such incident arises, activist Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia and his team move to the area to interact with the local people and spread messages of goodwill, humanity, peace, and harmony.

Social reformer Dr Saikia is also a motivational speaker. He trains the youth and community leaders to reach the general people of the district and literate them. It includes VDP, Village Head People, Youth Wing Leaders, etc. He is the visiting lecturer of Assam Police Training Centre (College at Dergaon, Assam) for DSP categories.

He is a prestigious member of the World Parliament Association as an international Member. He meets with different people of the country, different ethnic groups to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood between various communities of Assam and within the country.

Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia seeks a superstition less scientific modern world, equipped with knowledge-based education. He wants a world where people will rationally establish peace and harmony.

The most dedicated social reformer, Dr Saikia is always standing like a pillar who’s facing many unwelcomed situations and has survived several attacks. With so much selfless service and immense contributions to society, Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia is someone the people of this country must look up to. His aim is terror, crime, and a superstitious free, peaceful society. Dynamic peace worker Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia is committed to continuing his great work to restore Peace and Humanity. His message of peace is engraving trails of unity, peace, and harmony in the hearts of thousands of people.

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