January 30, 2023
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“Indians saying cheers to THE WESTERN CHOICE and JACKSON BLACK, the liquor brand from SAMVID Group.”

“Indians saying cheers to THE WESTERN CHOICE and JACKSON BLACK, the liquor brand from SAMVID Group.”

The Indian liquor industry is one of the most vibrant globally, and the demand for alcoholic beverages is rising in India. The layout of liquor sold in India is stunning, and demand is growing among prosperous Indians. India is one of the top markets for higher alcohol consumption, which is eventually increasing at a healthy rate. And the demand for branded liquor is led by the most affluent segment of society which is excitingly cheering with the branded alcohol like THE WESTERN CHOICE and JACKSON BLACK, the liquor brand from SAMVID GROUP.

 On tracing back the steps of Samvid, one fact becomes quite evident that it is the jack of diverse trades. After laying down a strong foundation in Real Estate, Fashion & apparel, it has now decided to empower the market of Liquor Production, Marketing & Distribution. Their core team comprises highly skilled & experienced professionals from Alcoholic Beverages and FMCG Industries with rich experience in reputed companies, i.e., Jagatjit Industries, Bacardi, Tilaknar Industries, and United Breweries Etc.

The USP of the brand lies in the quality of the products built on a long-term heritage. The other brand WESTERN CHOICE has been tagged as the pride of the regular Whisky section with a harmony of flavor, taste, & color, and it is crafted for those who believe in having an evolved taste. Not to forget, it is the right mixture of smoothness and potency.

The company’s founder Birendra Yadav takes pride in proclaiming they are the manufacturer and producer of the brand, a spectacular blend of Indian grain spirit and imported scotch malts that made the JACKSON BLACK a deluxe and premium segment liquor to entertain its customers. They are manufactured in India and echo their presence in the states like Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand and are looking forward to offering their products in global markets well.

Dedicated to the exceptional art of manufacturing one of the finest quality alcoholics beverages, SAMVID GROUP is an enthusiast of spirits with a remarkable man experience based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. They take pride in stating that the liquor has ingredients from Indian origin with a blend from overseas that brings out the best by making it a unique quality.

The rapidly growing middle class, who can afford premium-and-above, is about 150 million. Nearly 17 million people will be added to India’s legal drinking age annually for the next three to five years.

India, without a doubt, remains a very strategic market. Urbanization of Tier II and Tier III cities and the digital revolution is accelerating, improving their ability to reach more young and adult consumers. They are increasingly willing to experience premium brands

As per the report, The Indian alcohol market is expected to rise at a CAGR of 8.8% and touch 16.8 billion liters of consumption by 2022. India’s liquor industry is the third-largest globally, which means it holds enormous potential for Samvid

Indian Whisky market stands testimony to the fact that it touched the mark of 1.35 billion litres in 2020. Moreover, it is expected to reach 2.82 billion litres in 2026 at a CAGR of 17%.

It appears India cannot have an excessive amount of beer, and as per the annual report released by united Breweries notes in June 2020, “Beer industry has registered robust growth in the last one and a half decades. From a total industry consumption of about 100 million cases in 2005, the consumption crossed over 300 million cases in 2019,” “Considering the covid-19 impact both in terms of revenues and sales volume, which are supposed to keep on during the current year and the market is expected to further grow going forward.”

The SAMVID GROUP is all set to launch their liquor brand in 5 to 6 states in the coming year through their franchise model, with exciting opportunities for the dedicated entrepreneurs to start their journey with them. With their franchise model, the franchisee will have access to extensive product variety, with an added advantage in the specific tier cities and the solid backing of their expertise with providing training, promotional, and marketing support to conduct and run a business successfully.




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