Indian Vedic Astrology and Vastu- Raj Guru

Raj Guru, does not need an eloquent introduction. Currently He holds the distinction of “Best astrologer in Singapore’‘ award by covered Prestige Awards.

Raj Guru is an astrologer with 25 years of experience in Occult Sciences. Popularly called GURU JI by his followers.

Raj Guru has touched the lives of people in more than 32 countries worldwide with his event presentations and seminars. Being an avid follower of Vastu and Astrology, he had studied thousands of horoscopes. 

Being such a famous astrologer with base in Singapore, but still calls himself a student in Astrology. Raj Guru is rated as one of the best astrologers in Singapore, and worldwide. 

Raj Guru has received multiple national awards and been recognized as ‘best astrologer in Singapore. He has also been felicitated by several universities and honoured with degrees like Chartered Accountant; Master of Business Administration, Motivational Speaker.

As an Indian astrologer in Singapore, Raj Guru firmly believes in “karma”. He says, our present life is directly influenced by our own actions in the past and the problems that are yet to come in our life can be avoided by putting positive effort in our present actions. Raj Guru always encourages his clients and helps them to find out ways to cope up with their problem.

His expertise is not limited to just Vedic astrology; He has knowledge in subjects like Muslim Astrology, Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology and Vastu shastra too. His thoughts are not materialistic. He believes God not only exists in Heaven, God also has an organic relationship with our world. He says, our whole world is “Abode of God“.

Raj Guru is a follower of  astrology for all and accepts any amounts as per the wish of followers after the predictions as BLESSINGS only. He does not charge anything to fix for the consultations and does not sell any stones. His teaching is based on pure Vedic science to help humanity.

Astrologer Raj Guru about Relationship Astrology – Astrology may play a part, however only when you believe in the concept. A lot of people, particularly those who are in Love and who have higher education, may wonder whether marriage astrology is really beneficial or should they count on astrology when they are getting married. We all know that marriage is about the bond between two individuals and their extended families. Raj Guru, a Astrologer from Singapore can help you comprehend the significance and advantages of the astrological system. Raj Guru shared how astrology can assist a person in making the best choice for marriage. It starts with selecting the perfect partner regardless of whether you are in Love or an arranged marriage. It then moves on to the effect it can have on your professional and career. While it’s not common to hear someone claim that marriage can have any impact on one’s professional life and professional career, he was able to clarify the issue from a person’s point of view. Here are a few excerpts from the debate. They debate whether or whether marriage astrology is considered reliable.

The relationships we have with our family members are important. We have certain relationships that we were born into, such as our mother, father, and sister. Certain relationships are acquired through birth, such as father, mother and sister. and others we make ourselves, such as Friends, Life partners etc. Marital relationships are among the most significant relationships one can build throughout their lives. Many people are interested in the time of marriage in the astrological world.

Raj Guru On Medical Astrology that focuses specifically on longevity and health is referred to as Medical Astrology. Every sign and every planet are linked to a range of potential diseases. This means that the person born in this sign could be affected by one or more of these illnesses. According To Raj Guru the job of the astrologer ends with declaring that a particular area of the body will be susceptible to chronic or acute diseases. Only a physician can determine the cause of the illness.

Raj Guru on Career Astrology – It can be difficult to pick the right career. Your entire life may be in danger if you make the wrong decision. Sometimes, people don’t know what they are looking for, and make poor choices. They are interested in knowing more about themselves and what they want to do in the future.

They’re always eager to know what their future holds and what career path is the best for them. Raj Guru believes that Career Astrology is the most effective method to find the best career for you. It is a tool based on predictions that provides you with an insight into the future.

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