Indian Company Signs MOU with Mentogram Singapore On Strategic Alliance Partnership.

Singapore/Bangalore, India – Mentogram and Mentorify (The coaching arm of have signed a MOU agreement for global market to support Influencers and Corporate entities by offering functional expertise by Mentorify ( and Technical Expertise by Mentogram as a single source in the future for the Knowledge givers’ community inclusive Coaches, Trainers, Healers and Solopreneurs globally. The MOU agreement was signed and will be followed as per terms of association agreed by both the companies. Both the parties have agreed not to disclose financial details of this association.

Salient Features:

  • Influencers to benefit from Personified Mentorship and end to end digital support system.
  • Accelerated Support framework for Corporates, resource planning and sustainable standard operation procedural roadmap.
  • Rewards and Recognition system to be introduced in Community Development and Gradually offering associated opportunities for Knowledge givers, Coach, Consultants and Influencers.
  • Reduced need for Al-A-Carte Digital Solutions and Mentee-Mentorship support with various different platform and offering one stop shop solution to knowledge giver community.
  • Augmentation of Best Industry experts to offer Customised yet affordable solutions for corporates and retainer model for sustenance and revenue maximisation.

Mentogram: Mentogram, headquartered in Singapore and backed by NTU and Meet Ventures, is an Ed-Tech platform that makes it super easy for experts to share their expertise, grow and make a difference through online mentoring. Since Nov 2021 launch, more than 4000+ experts including entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers have built 500+ mentoring clubs using this platform. Recipient of Singapore Business Awards 2022, Mentogram is Promoted by Founder and CEO – Mr. Siddharth Dangi, a Scholar of Nanyang Technological University Singapore, (Ex GSK, and Yara International). Mentogram is also listed under top 100 start-ups globally in Start-up Istanbul and awarded as Start Up Grant by School of Computers Science and Engineering NTU and Incubate at Meet Ventures Singapore.

Shikshakji Mentorify: Mentorify is an ISO 21000 certified coaching initiative of with interest to offer end to end mentorship development for knowledge giver community to create their courses, coaching, consulting and community development program across the globe. Shikshakji. com is promoted with initiative to offer customised and affordable mentorship and subject matter expertise. Promoted by Mr. Vivek Trivedi who is HR Expert, Author, Start Up Coach, Social Media Influencer, Key Note Speaker, Guest lecturer to 25 plus Management Institutes Including IIMs and IITs. With two decades plus of HR Experience with Fortune 500 Companies, he has been instrumental in creating the “Influence niche” as Speaker, Trainer and Start Up Coach, trained more than 20K plus entrepreneurs, coach, consultants, trainers and solopreneurs all across the globe and also trained people from pharmaceutical, FMCG, engineering, IT, BFSI, retail and infrastructure companies by offering customised training solutions.

Combining the expertise of both companies, with state-of-the-art technical and functional solutions, will make it easier and more convenient for knowledge givers and corporates across the globe to benefit from our association.

       “Thanks to connecting digital framework with personified community mentorship using high-tech LMS, email marketing, landing page and payment gateway support all in one platform of digital products, we can make tomorrow’s Influencer more efficient and at the same time more Tech friendly solution to Corporates in Customised and affordable manner” said Mr. Siddharth Dangi – Founder of Mentogram on this association. “Both companies are committed to invest time, resources and funding in joint activities that will lead to the development of new supportive and sustainable framework of personal Influence and Customised Training and Mentoring Support for Corporates that improve Industry best practices and outcomes,” said Mr. Vivek Trivedi – Founder and CEO of

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