The ‘India Star Community Awards’ are continuing their tradition of honouring new and established talent.

Yes, it’s that time of year again: outstanding awards, breath-taking performances, passionate speeches, all the glamour, glory, and spectacle of it all! 

MTTV India present “India Star Community Awards” are being held to give persons performing extraordinary work in many disciplines on a national stage. This is a platform where all of the awards and participants can interact with one another. We provide everyone an opportunity to show up their skills. The primary goal of this awards program is to recognise and honour children, youth, and women’s talent by bringing them to the attention of the country and the world. The ‘India Star Community Awards’ are at the centre of recognising actual knowledge and skill and promoting and valuing youthful talent and women’s work.

Sushil Pal, the founder of MTTV News Media and the India Star Community Awards organiser, stated that all those talents who have exceptional talent would be acknowledged and rewarded through this platform. These abilities will be linked to related tasks and upcoming competitions across the country. All the participants can also get employment and achieve independence.

This time, the People’s Choice Awards India was a virtual awards show.

He also stated that ‘India Star Community Ambassador, India Star Community Mentor, and Talent Guru’ would be chosen from all of the country’s cities. The India Star Community Awards will help people achieve success by giving them a new identity.  

How to apply

Candidates can apply for the awards by visiting their official website and social media. Let us say without hesitation that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for individuals who excel in various fields.


The following categories are up for nominations:

India Star community awards- ISCA

ISCA – Influencers and Bloggers Awards

ISCA – Social Worker of the Year Awards

ISCA – Beauty Pageant Awards

ISCA – Women of the Year Awards

ISCA – Young Talent Awards

ISCA – Entrepreneur Awards

Nominations will begin on October 15th.


  • The ‘India Star Community Awards’ is a nationwide journey of discovery and honour to those who have made a big difference in their communities through their accomplishments, a community of talented people from all across India.
  • To increase women’s position, men and women must work together to advance in society. As a result, the Awards will also recognise such men for their contributions.
  • This award’s popularity has not only supported widespread measures to better women’s position, but it has also helped directly to the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly gender equality and equal opportunity.
  • This award results from a national prize that supported the development of national initiatives and increased the participation of young talents and women in the public and private sectors.
  • At this virtual award presentation, exceptional awards will be given to the top young stars for the first time.

Why The ‘India Star Community Awards’

Be a source of inspiration 

You have the potential to be the one who motivates millions of other women to make a difference every day.

       Improve Your Chances of Success

     All promotional materials should include the award certificate, description, and souvenirs.


A women-only event dedicated to showcasing and elevating female talent.

Do not hesitate to nominate yourself because this is a fantastic opportunity to present your skills, talents, and abilities to the rest of the world.



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