Shit happens in life; Your Happiness is Your Responsibility: Influential Journey of Jatin becoming Inspiring Jatin | A Tedx Speaker, Life Coach, International Bestselling Author & Motivational Speaker

No man has ever achieved success without experiencing failure. Obstacles and challenges are critical elements of what makes life interesting. They play an important role in one’s life journey. Obstacles and challenges bring out your true potential, talents, and best qualities. At some point in our lives, we feel like giving up on the various journeys we embark on. Sometimes we give up before we even begin.

The personal transformation journey of Jatin Gupta becoming Inspiring Jatin is a reflection of it and reminds us that our darkest times often lead to our brightest moments. It proves that tough situations, in the end, make strong people. Jatin grew up in a dysfunctional family and witnessed aggression from a young age. This not only made him submissive, but it also exposed him to others who bullied and sexually abused him as he grew up. Those evil souls left no stone unturned in their efforts to undermine his morale and confidence. As a result, he used to be afraid to face a group/crowd for fear of being bullied and made fun of. This impacted his growing years as a child, and he was always afraid of being pushed down by someone. As a result, he was always fearful of making new friends, and his fear of losing relationships made him intrusive in life.

However, this was only the beginning of his difficulties in life. He lost his father at the age of 16 due to cardiac arrest. Because he couldn’t afford higher education, he was forced to work for BPO at 5200 INR per month after finishing high school. He worked for 14 years with Fortune 500 companies, eventually becoming a Training Manager.

Amid the hustle, he chose to marry, but his marital relationship soon hit a rough patch, and the problems grew worse over time. To make matters worse, he became a victim of workplace politics in his professional life. Difficulties in his personal and professional life had begun to impact his mental health. He had suicidal thoughts on numerous occasions. He wanted to get out of this mess for his peace of mind, but he didn’t know how! This was the defining moment in his life that changed everything.

He enrolled in a Life Coaching programme and discovered himself; he became self-sufficient and empowered with Unbreakable Confidence to handle any situation in life gracefully and powerfully. The coaching sessions helped him gain clarity on his desire to serve society and create happy lives. As a result, he not only saved his marriage and family from divorce but ultimately realised that he was not designed to be someone’s slave. He decided to become a Life Transformation Coach.

Today, Inspiring Jatin is a Tedx Speaker, renowned Life Transformation Coach and is also considered a Relationship Expert. He is featured as one of the Best Life Coach in India list on Google. He is an International Bestselling Author of four books titled Break Free to Break Through, Rescue Your Romance, Unleash You and The 10 Keys to Happiness. He is invited to various National and International platforms as a Keynote Speaker. He is also listed as a celebrity author alongside Chetan Bhagat on the Celebyte platform.

Inspiring Jatin is known to be a coach by experience. As a Life Coach, he has been helping people to break their negative patterns, get out of pain, create a happy & contented life and empower them with techniques to become unstoppable. He has touched more than 20,000 lives with his Coaching Sessions and Speaking events in the journey of transforming lives. He is on a mission to empower 1 Million+ People (aged 18-45) who struggle with Confidence, Clarity, Happiness, Growth & Relationships and help them accomplish Joy, Success & Peace of Mind.

Inspiring Jatin, as a Life Coach, has helped people to get rid of overthinking, stress, relationship issues, gain unbreakable confidence, and gain clarity about what they want in life. With the help of his transformation programme, people became Happier, Stronger, and Successful in just 10 weeks with a few exercises that gave everyone Instant Clarity about their State of Life and themselves. His life coaching and relationship coaching has earned him many accolades from his clients and helped him gain popularity on social media.

Life Coach Inspiring Jatin empowers people to be their best selves in all aspects of life and achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle by providing tools to take control and plan for the future, prioritise time and relationships, and flourish in life.

Struggle and difficult situations are part of every inspiring story, including Inspiring Jatin’s, but what is more encouraging is the will to keep going in life and overcome obstacles to rise to success, which is ultimately what matters!


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