July 5, 2022

By the end of 2021, Hyderabad will have a brand that will raise the bar for the city’s health quotient by several notches. The capital city of Telangana is gearing up to make way for OH, an acronym that stands for Organic Health. The brand offers cold pressed juices, detox teas, cold pressed oils, bath powders and bath salts. What’s even more exciting is that when you find out what this organic brand has to offer, it will excite not just health enthusiasts and fitness freaks, but also all those who are hoping to improve their health the organic way!

Organic Health promises to indulge its customers in an experience that is completely unique and healthy. The owners guarantee that what they encounter at Organic Health will be unlike what they have experienced so far at run-off-the mills juice stores. For instance, the brand’s products will not be available off supermarket shelves, ensuring the products you pay for are distinct. OH will have a dedicated team of experts such as nutritionists and dieticians to guide you along as you make a purchase. This team of health experts will customise products for the clients based on their personal requirements. The team will first collect details of the customer and will then take into consideration their medical history, allergies if any, nutritional requirements and other relevant information. The team will then suggest a suitable product that is based on the goals the customer hopes to achieve. Safety is of utmost importance, hence all products offered at OH will be clinically tested and scientifically proven. If you’re a person who is goal-driven and knows exactly what you’re looking for, then here’s some great news—Organic Health will have goal-driven products which will help improve the quality of your skin, hair, eyes and other body parts that you aspire to improve upon.    

OH also has a huge range of products specifically aimed at improving the health status of women.  From pre-pregnancy packages for expecting mothers to post-pregnancy packages for new mothers or packages for women struggling with Polycystic Ovarian Disorder, most commonly known as PCOD or for growing young adults aged 12 to 18, OH truly has something to offer for all. 

Every OH product sold by the company is natural, made from organic products and is free from any harmful chemical preservatives. Therefore, these products are meant to be consumed on the same day as they only have a very short shelf life of 1 day. Preservative free products ensure quality of your health is not compromised at any cost at Organic Health.

OH is also joining hands with farms across India to source the freshest of organic ingredients for their products. With over 120 juices and more than 60 varieties of tea and other allied products, the brand will have an exhaustive menu that is surely going to leave customers spoilt for choice.                 

With this new venture, Sirisha Garments– a brand that made its presence felt in the fashion designing industry, will now be foraying into the competitive sector of Food & Beverage industry. While Organic Health will be the group’s first venture in this genre, it most definitely isn’t going to be the last.

 Sanjay Kumar Reddy, the driving force and the brain behind the ever-growing brand has several more projects in the pipeline. Sanjay is known for having made a mark for himself in the fiercely cut-throat garment industry and is confident of making it big in his latest ventures too.

Sanjay had a humble beginning and began his journey from Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district. Sanjay, who is a self-made businessman and an astute entrepreneur, considers empowering the under privileged, lesser fortunate and illiterate as his life’s biggest mission. From choosing sustainable eco-friendly fabrics for his brand’s clothing, to economically assisting the poor by giving them employment, Sanjay has earned respect of both his peers and rivals alike. Over the years now, Sirisha Garments, that kickstarted its journey as a regional brand, is now aiming at global domination.

Speaking about this new venture, Sanjay Kumar Reddy said, “Popping a pill for the smallest of uneasiness or illness has become a fad these days. The truth is that most health issues can be prevented by natural and organic remedies, most of which have been followed for generations now. OH hopes to put an end to the pill-popping culture by providing healthy alternatives to alleviate illnesses and health ailments.”

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