How Small Businesses can Tap into Mobile App Revolution to Fuel Growth?

The world has reworked from information savvy to techno-savvy. Just consider one thing and get to market with a single click. Digital technologies like mobile apps have emerged as catalysts for combating business issues industrywide. Indeed, the startups that staked their claim in the App Economy have become lucrative organizations within just a few months.

The advent of mobile Apps offers a multitude of implications and benefits on small businesses & startups. What was developed with an intention to assist productivity like email, calendar, and contact databases, have now rapidly expanded into various areas such as mobile games, industry automation, GPS and location-based services, order-tracking, ticket purchase, and so on. So now there are millions of apps available on the app stores. These many apps added to the confusion of the businesses into considering what app features can drive success and how to make an app a success? Creating and developing an app without considering user requirements, business challenges, latest trends, and previous data can only burn a hole in the pocket of your business. This is where Fusion Informatics steps in.

The decade’s long experience the company has empowers it to develop stunning apps that possess unique features.

What are business owners looking for every day? Increase in sales? Efficiency? Customer Loyalty? These are the top things in every business owner’s mind. And as a small business owner, you must be spending a lot on research into how to accomplish these goals? Turn to mobile apps to see it realizing!

So how can a mobile app fuel your business growth?

●     Increase in sales: The mobile app is engineered to make your clients come back more often and spend more when they do. Here’s an example of one of Fusion’s clients- Freshly, who was a startup that was selling a wide range of organic and exotic vegetables, fruits, etc. The client identified the challenges that people face like the gated larger societies often find it difficult to get daily fresh grocery and vegetable items at their doorsteps at a reasonable price, so the client developed a mobile app to deliver fresh vegetables and fruits. This investment paid it up and as a result, the client witnessed a rise of over 20% in its sales.

●     Efficiency: Be it employee efficiency or operational, mobile apps can simply play a trick to spike it. Fusion’s other client from the steel industry has developed an AI-video Surveillance app from the company, as it was having challenges related to employee safety and loss of productivity. The app helped the client to increase productivity and efficiency manifolds.

●     Customer Loyalty: Customers are the lifeblood of every business and communication plays a crucial role in engaging the customers. The mobile app helps the customers as they can interact with your business on their schedule. A next-gen chatbot is a much-celebrated example when it comes to customer loyalty, service, and engagement. The company developed a support chatbot for its client from IT infrastructure and cloud services. As the client was having a large inflow of repetitive queries, the chatbot was essential to save the manpower costs and be available for customers 24*7*365. The business impact was huge and the response time of support was increased by over 5X.

What empowers Fusion Informatics, is its pragmatic team of developers and a visionary leader- Ashesh Shah. All work with a common vision of empowering businesses with digital transformation. The experts deploy amplified intelligence to achieve stronger and faster outcomes and secure growth opportunities for businesses.

For over 20 years, Fusion Informatics is committed to providing cutting-edge mobile, web, and cloud apps that are hyper customized to the client’s needs. The company’s CEO – Ashesh Shah believes when the mission is to empower society with technologies and transformations, the best people join in and infuse their creativity into groundbreaking work.

Fusion Informatics has worked with businesses across various industries accelerating their growth by creating astonishing applications for reputable brands like HP, Reliance Industries, BPCL, Othaim, Bosch, Tata, and many more. The company had also worked with several exciting startups and small businesses like Snapzo, QuickRize, Workerzapp, Cab1, etc.

The breadth of app development services like enterprise mobility, IoT, AI, Blockchain Solutions, Web, Mobile, Cloud, SaaS, Custom app development, and Maintenance Services and digital marketing along with industry knowledge allows the company to design apps and solutions that fit perfectly with each client’s unique business needs.

The company knows what is important to it and its core values direct and dictates its behavior in everything it does.

With the highly interactive UI/UX, impeccable design, and flawless functionalities, Fusion Informatics is inarguably an ideal choice for businesses that are willing to deliver an unmatched experience to their customers.

Need an App for your business that translates ideas into success?

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