Social media plays a critical role in connecting with patients and being found by new patients. Ninety-four percent of patients use online reviews to evaluate providers. But more than that, a solid social media presence increases the chances of being found by new patients. According to a recent survey, 75 percent of people admitted they visited a practice because they saw it on social media.

“Dentistry is a relationship-based business,” said Dentist Triggers CEO Ayushman Paliwal. “Because of this, social media plays a crucial role in how patients and potential patients connect with your practice. Our partnership with Dental Clinics and Hospitals will help practices strengthen these relationships both in the office and online.”

Today, all dental marketing begins and ends “digitally” – with social media at its core.

Progressive practices use social media marketing to attract new patients, raise top-of-mind awareness and referrals, decrease attrition, increase case acceptance, and strengthen patient relationships.

But effective social media isn’t something you “have” – it’s something you “do”! Remarkable, sharing worthy social media content helps your complete digital marketing strategy – including search engine optimization (SEO). Social media is no longer an adjunct to some other marketing plan. So how do you navigate and benefit from this dynamic environment with the limited time and resources you have to spend on marketing?

That is where we come in . Dentist Triggers enables dental and medical professionals to attract and retain patients by reaching more people online, strengthening key relationships, and improving their reputation. They offer self-service tools and an option to have their online presence fully managed by a dedicated social media manager.

Practices get:

Eye-catching and informative dental content to post to social media pages.

Photo idea boxes to make personalized team photos a snap.

Engaging social media giveaways to raise local visibility.

Beautiful, content-rich dental practice websites.

Informative videos educate patients about various dental and medical treatments like implants, braces, RCT, etc.

Patient generations systems to increase patient flow in practices.

Reviews software that makes it easy for patients to rate the practice on their preferred platform.

“Dentist Triggers allows practices to improve their social media presence on their own or with as much help as they need,” said Dentist Triggers founder and CEO Ayushman Paliwal. “We believe the best solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each practice. We also know that social media is playing a growing role in practice growth. Dentist Triggers is a great option for growing and scaling your practices.”


Ayushman Paliwal is the CEO at Dentist Triggers, an agency providing social media marketing content, strategy, and support to dental and multi-speciality practices worldwide.

For several years before the establishment of Dentist Triggers, Ayushman was heavily involved in digital marketing within the medical industry. He specialized in local search engine optimization , patient generation and was influential in helping hundreds of small businesses grow and thrive through digital marketing.

He is also a founding partner at Dentist Triggers, which provides social media marketing content, strategy, and support to dental, orthodontic, and dental speciality practices worldwide. He is an award-winning copywriter and former ad-agency Creative Director with a rich background in all aspects of the creative process. Ayushman is also a fun, engaging speaker frequently asked to address business, education, civic, and dental groups about social media marketing, creativity, and corporate messaging.

About Dentist Triggers

Dentist Triggers is 100 percent focused on providing the technology and the expertise on how to effectively use it to deliver better care and build a more profitable practice. We show techniques to improve patient experience and connect with patients in the way they want to join. The result? More patients schedule more appointments and show up for them. More patients leave glowing reviews of their providers for others to see, and then they book appointments. And all patients get regular communications that keep them connected to the practice and coming back.

Dentist Triggers is the #1 comprehensive social media marketing solution for dentists. Our complete marketing solution enables dental professionals to attract and retain patients through reaching more people online, strengthening key relationships, and improving their reputation. In addition, practices short on time and resources can have their online presence fully managed by a dedicated Social Media Manager.

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