Who are Dhanush Khangar & Pooja Bothale?

Dhanush Khangar and Pooja Bothale are digital marketers and Facebook advertisement experts. They started their journey in 2018. Due to family pressure, Dhanush had to do engineering but unfortunately left college after two years. He began to follow his passion for game arts and design in Digi Quest Academy in Hyderabad, where he built two mobile games, which are available on google play store. 

While doing Facebook advertisements on some of his Facebook pages, he failed miserably! But out of frustration, he didnt give up. Instead, he consulted with one of his friends who researched Google Ads (GPA). They managed to convert more than expected results! After that experience, there was no looking back. 

Pooja Bothale used to work as an assistant professor for two years. After that, she married and shifted to Mumbai, where she worked in the IT department but was unsatisfied. So, she decided to join hands with her brother for his business venture. And now they both running it successfully.

How Did They Begin Their Journey?

At a young age, Dhanush Khangar knew he wanted to start his own company. However, he didnt have a clue about what industry or niche he wanted to work in. In early 2018, after taking admission in computer science and engineering from RCERT college, he started talking to many of his friends who were already working part-time jobs. He met with Harshal Dewangan, a friend who helped him get into digital marketing by introducing him to his company. Together, they decided to start this as a profession. Over time, he grew fond of digital marketing and decided to pursue it professionally. At that time, he gave up on engineering and dropped out of college altogether to not miss out on pursuing his passion. The 24-year-old guy is now self-employed and runs a digital marketing firm called Dewa Direction”, which offers services such as SMM (Social Media Marketing), Facebook advertisements, Instagram, etc.

How did they start to follow their passion?

While pursuing engineering, Dhanush was taught Java in his college days. But there were times when he found himself spending more time in front of computers than studying. And hence when he saw the social media boom, it didnt take much to convince him that it was better to follow what makes him happy. After leaving college without completing engineering, Dhanush started working as a freelance graphic designer on Upwork, doing small projects with clients from all over India. One day while scrolling through Facebook advertising feed, he realised how advertisers make money through Facebook ads. He started by creating few ads for fun but soon realised that making money with ads is no rocket science if you have specific skills to create effective ads. So, he decided to share his knowledge with others who are interested in learning digital marketing. After quitting his job, he returned home and convinced Pooja (his sister) to quit her job too so that they could start their own business together. That is how they both left their jobs/college lives behind them and dedicated themselves entirely to helping people learn digital marketing free of cost. Now they specialise in Facebook advertising, which has become their passion.

Their Future Goals

For digital marketers and Facebook ads experts, its always better to know every aspect of your profession. Both Dhanush Khangar and his sister Pooja started to follow their passion for digital marketing in Pune. They believe that they will excel more than if they were doing it individually by working together as a team. 

But how did they do it? Heres what Dhanush Khangar says, I chose to work with my sister instead of working on my own because she has excellent skills in graphic designing, and Im very strong at content writing with social media management. Our skills complement each other, which allowed us to succeed quickly!” 


Website: www.dewadirection.com

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