House of DONA – Story behind the sustainable brand

House of DONA ( is a Mumbai based sustainable and conscious brand that produces a lean collection of timeless and chic outfits using natural and organic fabric

House of DONA is a venture cofounded by two passionate alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Puja and Ishan that came into being on July 2021 and in a short span of time the brand is loved by many customers for their versatile fabrics. Puja has rich experience in digital product development into Fintech and E-commerce while Ishan has strong expertise in the field of Analytics and Data Science. Both the cofounders prioritize their purpose and values over anything else when making decisions for the business where lifestyle meets sustainability.

Both the cofounders strongly believe, today customers care more and more about environmental impact, and shop consciously. It simply means customers prefer buying outfits that are produced ethically and made from organic & premium fabric so that it can last longer. According to UBS report 35% of female shoppers intend to buy less quantity but better-quality outfits. Besides this, customers also demand transparency and ethical approach in businesses so that they feel contented with their lifestyle choices.

The idea behind launching House of DONA has originated during a vacation planning. Puja shares “I wanted to buy some fun shirts made from good quality fabric. Idea was to buy oversized shirts that can go well for layering on top of oh so edgy dresses or swim wear. I also wanted to reuse those shirts later in the office, so I began searching online and found some shirts that were either good for the office or vacation. I couldn’t find an oversized multipurpose shirt that could go with the vacay vibe as well as can be used as formal or casual wear later. It was then I realized the gap and the thought of creating such outfits popped up in my head. Outfits that can be worn in humid, hot or even colder climates.”

We started doing market research and realized that how fast fashion companies are creating huge negative impacts on the planet during manufacturing processes with their mass production model. Fast fashion garments are mass-produced in large manufacturing plants where factory conditions are hazardous for the employees’ health. On top of that over produced substandard fabrics are trashed outside the plant landfill and waste chemical are dumped into ocean which causes huge environmental pollution to our natural resources.

We decided to create a lifestyle brand that will be much more sustainable and minimizes negative impacts on the planet created by fashion industries as much as possible. Moreover, we also wanted to support those artisans who had lost their livelihood because many small companies were shut down during pandemic. It was our effort to support the artisan community and promote their work along with providing them fair wage, hygienic and healthy work environment

To make it more sustainable model, House of DONA produces a lean collection or limited pieces to gauge the demand from customers and accordingly take a call for restocking and volume of production. This way we don’t end up over producing outfits that are undesirable and piling up for months and ends up anything at the cost of the environment. We use eco-friendly material for packaging, shipping, as tags and labels to minimize the carbon footprint created during manufacturing processes”

House of DONA is a secure tech driven website/mobile site that prioritizes customer’s experience and are always focused on setting trends and building a high quality and amazing outfits that apparently have created an organic and unfaltering loyalty to the brand. House Of DONA usage traditional block prints, indigo prints on natural, breathable fabrics and produces timeless, classy outfits that always remains in trend. House of DONA is also an active seller in the world’s biggest online marketplace Amazon and Flipkart.

House of DONA is pivoting to a sustainable future and produces stylish outfits made from organic and natural fabric thereby creating a better future for the planet.
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