Honeyy Group received the Times Business Awards 2022 for The Best Place to Work.

Mr. Mukka Obul Reddy, the Chairman and Managing Director of Honeyy Group received this award at Novotel in Vijayawada this Friday. This award is no mere feat as the organisation is a relatively new entrant into the real estate sector. They have revolutionised the employment scenario in the real estate industry and this has been possible only with consistent efforts to bring about a change in the employment structure of the industry.

The company and its management have committed to creating a safe and secure environment for their employees to work in along with formal employment benefits as opposed to the existing commission/incentive-based employment back in 2016.

The company stands by the motto of making the organisation the best place to work, which now it is. Honeyy Group has always encouraged young talent and has offered employment to more than 250 people post-COVID.

Honeyy Group has always been a company that values its employees and their hard work. They pride themselves in being able to offer on-time salaries and incentives, as well as promotions and policies that are unbiased and based solely on merit. They believe that all employees deserve to be recognized for their achievements, and that is why they are always at the forefront when it comes to the rewards and recognition of their employees.

At Honeyy Group, they take pride in their innovative work culture and are constantly striving to improve themselves. They are one of the top real estate and construction companies in South India, and they are always coming up with new ideas and solutions to make sure their clients are satisfied and their employees are happy. They offer workplace perks that no other real estate and construction companies offer and they value their employees highly. That is why they have a grand vision of providing free education to their employees’ children and free healthcare to their families too. They go above and beyond to build a strong and passionate team who are dedicated to not only their work but also to the success of the company as a whole.

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