Several progressive home-grown fashion and accessories brands in India are making their strong footprints in the retail industry with exquisite designs, sustainable material use, a revival of Indian heritage into product categories, and a fair wage model. 

Pour Femme India, founded in 2013 by a young and aspirant brother-sister trio in New Delhi, is one such brand that has been producing some elegant designs in the clothing segment for Indian women for over eight years now and has recently forayed into the hand-embroidered accessory segment. This segment is built on the core belief of exploring Indian art and integrating it into women’s accessories such as belts, earrings, hand-clutches and hairbands. 

Ravi Mehra, Preeti Mehra and Ruchi Mehra are the think tank members who established Pour Femme, intending to provide Indian women with the kind of clothing that gives a luxurious feel at affordable prices. With its business model of connecting with end-consumers directly to know what they want to wear, the brand has achieved some notable feats in just eight years of its inception.

“Pour Femme is a French word that means ‘for women’. Since two of our founding members are women, we connect very well to the sentiments of an Indian woman,” commented Preeti Mehra, COO, Pour Femme India, on their new product categories. She also added, “We realized that there was a massive gap between women’s hand-embroidered accessories and its quality. With the limited options available in the market, Indian women find it difficult to source the right products manufactured in a sustainable environment. Yet, there aren’t many Indian brands that are catering to their needs.”

The new range of Pour Femme India is astonishing.

The brand has added some new niche products such as designer hand clutches, belts, earrings and hairbands in its portfolio. Pour Femme clothing has already seen remarkable acceptance from Indian consumers. It is available on its portal and has partnered with Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho. 

“We recently added hand-embroidered accessory products that have been whole-heartedly accepted by the Indian women and are being appreciated both for product quality and unique designs,” mentioned Preeti. Adding these products to its basket, Pour Femme India is also uplifting the standard of Indian artisans and their livelihood in the most sustainable way possible. It collaborates with artisans who live in the 2-tier and 3-tier cities of India. 

“When we started POUR FEMME, our product portfolio aimed at blending western products and Indian artwork. Gradually, we diversified from clothing to accessories. In this new segment, we kept the products motivated with the Indian designs and hand-embroidery. We use the skills of Indian artisans who are blessed with impeccable prowess, expertise and art. We are paying what they deserve and what they should be paid without going into a lot of negotiations,” shared Preeti.

The future is all bright as collaborations and expansions are on the line.

During 2019 winters, the brand offered the Colorful Fashion Jackets. The black colour cotton twill jacket was much-loved by customers all over India, thereby pushing the brand to offer this jacket in more than 15 Colours. 

In December 2020, the brand was chosen by Facebook for one of its business grants programs for small businesses worldwide. Getting recognised as a well-established global business gave the brand a touch of magical boost. The management team is now confidently planning to expand its designs and other verticals. Moving forward, the future seems optimistic to team Pour Femme.

The brand is also looking to strengthen its design, development, and merchandising departments led by its Creative Head (Design and Production), Ruchi Mehra. Ruchi’s role is significant as she, being the fashion designer, knows all the technical criticalities in the process and accordingly suggests solutions to keep manufacturing as simple as possible. And, since all the products – clothing and accessories – are premium products, the need is there to rightly study the mindset of Indian millennials whose spending capacity is enhancing gradually. 

“We are committed to provide the Indian retail industry one-of-a-kind experience through our well-crafted product portfolio. Hence we are all up for expanding our capacities to foray into all potential cities and touch base with vibrant Indian shoppers,” concluded Ruchi on a high note. 

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