January 30, 2023
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Himanshu Jha – Inspiring story of 18 years old Entrepreneur

Himanshu Jha – Inspiring story of 18 years old Entrepreneur

Research says that you can create the right first impression with your shoes; indeed, the first impression is tremendously powerful. With this truth of making a long-lasting impression for the audience, Himanshu had stepped into the world of entrepreneurship with his shoe store named ‘The unique shoes’ in New Delhi a year back, and in one year, he had built two shoe stores in New Delhi. 

Apart from the shoe store, Himanshu is the owner of 3 mobile retail shops with more than 12 employees. Besides retail stores, Himanshu also has an online store of Shoes and mobile accessories products where he takes care of online selling and marketing. Indeed, it’s awe-inspiring even to think how a teenager started his entrepreneurial journey with so many ventures.

Himanshu had made himself a successful entrepreneur at the age of 18, where he is popularly termed as a ‘mastermind’ by the people known to him. He does not belong to a business family. However, he was always inclined towards entrepreneurship since childhood, and with the mindset of creating self-identification, he began his entrepreneurial journey a year back. He always wanted to be his boss with the freedom of work on what he wants, and he is in the same position as desired.

Himanshu had never let his business come in between his studies. He states, “Management is a goal, and I have divided time management between my studies and business so that one does not hamper each other. One must stay flexible and build a relationship with other learners to enhance the quality of your experience.”

He shares a memorable moment from his life where he constantly desired to possess Apple’s products. One fine day, he headed towards an apple store and got an iPhone 12 pro, Macbook, Apple Watch, And Apple earpods of worth 2.5 lakhs in total. That was the most memorable moment for him as he never expected he ever self gift him such expensive branded products.

Himanshu defines success in his own words “For me, success is satisfaction and is the process of achievement of goals. Moreover, Consistency is the key to success in life, and I have been consistent with my work since I have started, and that is what kept me going.”

Himanshu was born and brought up in Bihar, and he has been staying in Delhi for eight years with his family. He has a friendly nature who never takes anything personally. He had built his confidence and identified his strengths happily. Besides being a cheerful personality, he is a wanderer who loves to explore new places. He understands the importance of work-life balance, so he goes to the gym regularly to keep himself healthy and fit with proper diet maintenance. He credits his family’s support for his success at this early age, and he feels immensely grateful for that.

Himanshu’s ‘The Unique Shoes’ store is worth a visit by the customers, and you can quickly get all the details and the address from Google, Instagram, and YouTube. His audience for his friendly behavior mainly likes Himanshu, which has garnered him to earn more than 50k followers on Instagram.

Himanshu signs off saying, “Planning is essential in business. A mission statement is useless without a plan along with the execution. You, too, should develop and write down your personal and professional plan, including short-term and long-term goals. Set time for yourself, spend time with your friends, Indulge in inspirational activities, and above all, stay positive no matter what the situation is”

Himanshu’s real passion, enthusiasm, and willingness to grow and achieve something of his own brought him success and a better future. He did not stop dreaming big, and entrepreneurship was the biggest dream of his life, and he did not give up on his dreams. He did what he intended. Indeed, if your intentions are pure, nothing can stop you from achieving them. Today he is the most significant source of inspiration for the aspiring young entrepreneurs who aspire to shine their luck in entrepreneurship.

INSTAGRAM=   https://instagram.com/mr.himanshujha?utm_medium=copy_link 

FACEBOOK = https://m.facebook.com/mr.himanshujha/

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