May 27, 2022

Abhinav Maurya and Rakesh Chauhan, two extraordinary students from Ramswaroop College, have set a high bar for young achievers. Abhinav and Rakesh are youth entrepreneurs. They established a renowned brand of today’s world, “Abhiman Innovations,” in October 2019. Their brand boomed into website and application development and presented them as renowned businessmen for other companies. 

Abhiman innovations were set up to provide the best app development for clients. Due to their excellent services, Abhinav and Rakesh managed to bring their business to new heights in a few months! Since 2019, they have worked with hundreds of clients and successfully launched many app stores. But their hard work rewarded them with a breakthrough in 2021 when Abhiman Innovations launched their survey and research app “PollPe. ” This application received more than 1 lakh downloads on the Google PlayStore in a matter of 1 month! And till now, PollPe has been downloaded by more than 5 lakh users all over the world! 

About the founders 

Abhinav Maurya pursued a bachelor’s in Computer Applications from SRMCEM. Since the beginning days of his career, Abhinav was intrigued by business, and he was determined to have a brand of his own. In 2020, Abhinav founded CG Store, where he provided gaming solutions and services to more than a million online gamers! 

After the successful launch of CG Store and Abhiman Innovations, he worked towards releasing the most popular application, “PollPe,” for their business. Abhinav believes that PollPe is a one-stop market research solution for all companies. This app conducts surveys and polls, and it also rewards the users with cash prizes, making it one of the fastest-growing app in India! 

Rakesh Chauhan is a terrific computer science engineer. He has always been a tech enthusiast, and his passion drove him towards an advanced aspect of technology and its modifications. Rakesh loves to play with new technologies and test them to their limits. Rakesh graduated from SRMCEM and co-founded Abhiman Innovations in 2019. Due to his excellent command over software, he responsibly handled the website designing for hundreds of clients of Abhiman Innovations. Since then, Rakesh has gained recognition as one of the best software programmers in Lucknow city! 

With the release of the PollPe app in 2021, Rakesh and Abhinav came forward with a vision of a hassle-free research platform, and the PollPe app became a fast-growing network of users. 

All you need to know about the PollPe application. 

PollPe application conducts market-based surveys. It is a one-stop destination for businesses that want demographic details to launch their new products. Every company pushes a new product into the market and expects a huge response. Still, to reach the right audience, they also go through several demographic details of their potential buyers. This is where PollPe comes in and simplifies their hassles. Poole provides real likes and dislikes of their potential customers. By using their survey details, any brand can target the right audience for their products. PollPe has successfully created a community of more than 26 thousand on their official Instagram handle @pollpein. The best part about PollPe is that their UI is super smooth and has quick polls instead of long, boring surveys. 

On the other hand, millions of users have been using PollPe to earn online by answering short surveys and playing games on this app! PollPe offers Paytm rewards, referral bonuses, and gift cards to all its regular users. And this is the major reason for its popularity. Abhiman innovations have launched a satisfying app that convinces businesses and customers that they’ll get a huge profit from PollPe. This was possible because two enthusiastic youngsters from Lucknow city took the initiative to shape their careers and become an admiration for many.

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