May 27, 2022

In past decade India has witnessed huge growth in entrepreneur and MSME industries as well as businesses. There have also been many changes in taxation and business regulations as well. As a result, the need for user friendly and efficient accounting software has always been there. PEASx was launched with the goal of resolving all these issue in most effective and user friendly way. Founded in 2016, PEASx ( is a state of the art accounting software which is equipped with all the latest gadget and tools which makes accounting an easy task for users. PEASx is Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which has single window for saving transaction database, regular accounting entries and managing taxations as well.

What makes PEASx unique is the fact that the software has been designed from the perspective of end user and their needs. Any accounting software which has such easy conduct will automatically allow the users to focus more on investment and other important aspects of their business rather than wasting much time in managing accounts. PEASx helps in managing inward and outward cash flow, debit/credit, tax deductions and calculations and managing transaction history as well. According to the creators of PEASx the software is a solution to all the accounting problems and they prefer to designate their customer by calling them “Solution seekers”. PEASx has in built system to calculate GST as per the latest government norms. PEASx accounting software is currently the most cost effective and efficient accounting software in the market. The biggest advantage is the fact that its design is so user friendly that the instruction manual is more than enough to know everything about its operation protocol. There is no need to spend any time or resources in training anyone for the purpose of using PEASx on the daily basis. The software is easy to adept in nearly any kind of business. PEASx is totally secure and ensures its users total privacy and data protection. One of the strongest aspect of the software has been so far the after service and customer care support that is available anytime anywhere. PEASx is always update and ready to use and its creator are in constant process of upgrading it to keep up with latest changes in tax regulations as well as inclusions of digital transaction gateways. It’s not too far to say that PEASx is on its way to becoming the mainstream accounting software in the country.To connect –

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