Headline: Heypeeps releases its first web series on Net Prime

Heypeeps Entertainments Pvt Ltd banner produced their following originals – Revenge starring Ruks Khandagale, Ranjeet Jha, Anil Nagarkar, a story written by Ms Pooja Rathore and Directed by: Akshay Sutar. The movie produced by Mr Himanshu Sethi & Ms Priyanka Sethi.

This original web series has been released on Net Prime, owned by Mr Mahesh Babu, an excellent platform for winning the hearts of sensual and fun content giving equal weight-age to the content and story. 

Both the episode of the awaited Web-Series – Revenge are now streaming on the platform – NetPrime. It has got great applause from their viewers and seeing the response channel has decided to make another web-series with the production house – Heypeeps Entertainments Pvt Ltd very soon. 

Recently we came to know about the demise of a great Producer Mr Manohar Lal Sethi (Bauji) (Producer – Funnmall Productions), who gave a significant hit to the industry both in Regional and Bollywood Industry through movies like Dharam Ke Saudagar Starring Ravi Kishan, Tanushree, Shubhi Sharma, Rakesh Mishra and Mungeri Lal B.Tech starring Vikrant Anand, Vishal Singh, Khushi Anand, Ranjana Khatiwoda & Hollywood Actress Valentina. Now, his son & daughter in law have decided to take over and take forward his name and fame in the industry and keep him alive through their productions. 

Taking their initiatives further, they have now released their first production named Revenge, 

The lead actress was Ms Ruks Khandagale – she is a beautiful and talented actress who started her career with modelling and moved to the web series and is now known for her beauty and boldness. The lead actor in the web series was Mr Ranjeet Jha, who has been a part of more than 50 web series & serials. Mr Anil Nagarkar played the role of villain in the movie who has been a part of movies like Drishyam (2015), Satyameva Jayate (2018) and Tattaad (2020).

Heypeeps Entertainments Pvt Ltd offers the services like 360-degree marketing Digital & Offline Marketing services, Advertising Agency, Film Productions & Casting Services, and Manufacturers of Normal and Smart LED Televisions 17-inches to 75-inches having the best of the best features at an affordable price. They are keen to expand their clients and services to their clients at the best possible price, maintaining their services’.

As per the rumours, we have heard that we are now hoping to see both Heypeeps Entertainments Pvt Ltd and Net Prime app work together for various upcoming web series channels. They have joined their hands and started working together on different forthcoming web series for the app. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

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