Harshal Dewangan – Digital Marketing Expert Shares How He Grew His Company

Harshal Dewangan, an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, has shared his experience growing his business in an article posted on the Entrepreneurs Stories website. Harshal started his business when he was only 21 years old and grew it into the success it is today despite the challenges he faced along the way. He began by bootstrapping his company and then took out small business loans to cover expansion costs.

Harshal’s Childhood Story:

After Harshal’s father passed away, he left his mother to care for Harshal and his younger brother. She made sure that her sons get a good education, and she worked in an office to earn enough money for both her son’s education and daily expenses. She would send them to study in a school located in a nearby town to avoid travelling far from home. Even though there was no family member with whom he could share his feelings about work or life, he could make things work out by planning what needs to be done. When Harshal finished high school, he wanted to make something more out of himself than just being another employee at someone else’s company. The idea was especially pressing since most people are not very excited about their job regardless of how much they are getting paid.

He started his Entrepreneurship journey at the age of 19 and founded his Software & Digital Marketing Company.

Founded a Software Company:

Growing up in a small village in India, Harshal was fascinated by technology and its ability to change people’s lives. As he learned about software development, Harshal realized that many businesses were failing to use it effectively—and that was his ah-ha moment: he knew then that he wanted to start a software company that would help people use technology in more innovative ways. That company is called Dewa Direction—and it’s done just that. Today, Harshal serves as CEO of Dewa Direction; he oversees all aspects of its digital marketing efforts. More than 20 companies have grown their client bases using Dewa Direction’s services thanks to his leadership. We sat down with him recently to get some advice on how other entrepreneurs can start new business ventures of their own. Check out what he had to say below!

Founded a Digital Marketing Agency:

When Harshal Dewangan founded Dewa Direction, he immediately decided to focus on helping small businesses get more clients. I used to help many friends start with their own business, so I always wanted to have a place where I could bring everything together for them and help them go from idea to execution, he says. That was my vision from day one. Entrepreneur Harshal Dewangan has built his small business into a success story using his digital marketing skills to reach customers of all types, including SMBs in the USA. With help from his partner, Sushma Bachar, he could find the customers he needed to expand his services and become an expert in social media marketing for any business looking to grow its customer base without spending too much money on advertising.

Working in the field of Graphic Designing:

After college, I decided to become an entrepreneur and start my own business, so I partnered with Sushma Bachar, a graphic designer. We started our own company called Dewa Direction together. She is excellent at what she does because she focuses on and attention to detail for design work. Her skills in Graphic Designing and her extraordinary talent in photography made me take her as a part of my life. This makes me much stronger when starting up from scratch since it takes two people to cover all aspects of running a new business. We both have worked extremely hard in building up our company ever since then, and now here we are today, working hard for all of you reading this right now!

 As of today, we’ve managed to secure 20 clients and, most importantly, managed to earn over $10k in profit just last month. It’s crazy how fast things can come together when you’re working super hard each day and doing all that’s possible for your business to succeed, don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been easy or without any struggles, which usually happens, but I wouldn’t change anything about that.



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