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Happie Hemp rolls out CBD oil for joint pain relief to educate 1000 Ayurvedic doctors by 2022.

Ayurveda prescribes extensive uses for Cannabis leaf-derived products in several health issues with positive results.

BENGALURU, April 15, 2021: In response to the rising demand for Cannabidiol (CBD) oil for medical purposes, Bengaluru-based Happie Hemp Pvt Ltd launched its wellness brand Happie Hemp last year. Happie Hemp has introduced a new product, body rub oil, for joint and muscle wellness made from Cannabis leaf. The Cannabis Sativa leaf extract product contains over 100 naturally occurring therapeutic compounds known as cannabinoids. 

According to Dr Piyush Juneja, one of Delhi-NCR’s highest-rated Ayurvedic doctors, “Vijaya (Ayurveda name for Cannabis Leaf) has been used for many years in Ayurveda. Patients who use CBD oil heal very fast and without any side effects. CBD oils effectively manage pain, insomnia, side effects of chemotherapy, epilepsy, and many other health issues.” 

CBD oil as a medicine got an immense boost in December 2020. Along with most nations, India voted to remove Cannabis and Cannabis resin from the list of most dangerous substances at the United Nations international convention on narcotic drugs. With this, the use of Cannabis for medical purposes has got the UN stamp.

With a “Plant To Patient” philosophy at heart, Happie Hemp visions generating higher income for farmers while ensuring high-quality organic hemp for its products. The company intends to make Cannabis (leaf) medicines affordable while raising awareness of hemp and rooting out misconceptions about the cannabis plant. Happie Hemp’s products are deeply loved by both doctors and consumers. 

Using Happie Hemp’s platform, patients can consult with doctors for the proper dosage and course of cannabis (leaf) medicine. The company is currently undergoing extensive R&D for more products to launch in the coming months. 

Happie Hemp conducted an educational session for Ayurvedic doctors on medical Cannabis (leaf) at Gandharva Wellness Studio in Delhi. Happie Hemp is on track to educate and train more than 1,000 doctors about the correct usage and dosage of medical Cannabis (leaf). The company keeps conducting various online webinars around the same. 

Happie Hemp aims to add five more products by the end of May. Consumers can check out Happie Hemp’s offering from its website

About Happie Hemp: Happie Hemp Pvt. Ltd is a Bangalore-based biotechnology company focused on Ayurvedic products derived from Cannabis (leaf & seeds). The company’s essence is deeply rooted in Ayurveda and capitalizing on modern manufacturing technology for quality formulations. For more details, contact: (M) +91-9916200141, (E)

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