Hairapistt sukhpriit k gil

A book named ‘secret’ is my motivation. Whenever I feel low in my life I start reading this book and that gets my energy back. It even helps to learn new things,

acquire new skills, meet deadlines, achieve my goals and targets, and coach others

It also helps me improve processes, find ways to solve my problem , leading a team or being a part of a team, completing a difficult project, overcoming challenges, And coming up with creative ideas . All these things inspire me to do even better than what I have already achieved.

Well just like everyone else I have faced many struggles in my life but god has given me such a blessing, and because of it I always try to convert struggle into passion. In the initial year of my life I lost my father. Of course It was a big loss. Then when I was in the 8th grade my mother passed away, But like I said I feel like I’m blessed with god’s blessings. During that time I was depressed, after some time had passed I came across many motivational books, audiobooks and therapy sessions which helped me to bring positive change into my life and I started accepting things. Most importantly my guardian who nurtured me and I must say with their presence and how they did care for me that allowed me to forget my birth parents sometimes which was very helpful as it got rid of my stress. Next, in the beauty industry I had major interests in hairdressing. When I decided to be part of the hairdressing industry.Everyone discouraged me because at the time it was a male dominant profession. Because at that time there were only a few female hairdressers in my local area. Regardless of all this, I chose to become a hairdresser and yes I succeeded, I was successful in becoming a hairdresser and makeup artist.

I have been part of this industry Since 2012. 

I started my journey in the beauty industry with orane in 2012 which was one of the best beauty brands at the time. Afterwards I had  come across the opportunity to work with many reputed national and international beauty brands such as Lackme, Gitanjali , VLCC, Headmasters,and many more. I have even worked in BWSSC ,NSDC as a trainer and accessor .

 I Have organised many fashion shows and fashion weeks.

I Have organised numerous master seminars, webinars and workshops!

Ihave recently started working as a freelancer, along with job. In the future, I’m looking forward to making  my own brand and even want to open franchises of it too. Due to this, I have already taken initiative by making my very own YouTube channel .

Though I was a science student. When I opted for this profession it was hard to indulge in it as it was completely opposite what i have learnt till then . But with persistence anyone can achieve anything in their lives. Secondly , I wanted to put a smile on people’s faces with respect to it . Which is the main motto of the beauty industry. 

    My business is all about the beauty industry in which I majorly work in hair, skin,aromatherapy and makeup.

Initially I was a science student and wanted to become an engineer. No doubt , my teachers used to say you are brilliant in your studies but my sister who lives in the usa. She put light on this industry and showcased  the value of hand-skill .  After exploring it, I was inspired to make this segment my profession. Then I put my studies on correspondence and enrolled myself in cosmetology studies.

I have been part of this industry Since 2012. 

My mission in life is to open my own Academy and salon branches all across the world and provide the utmost education to upcoming hairdressers and makeup artists. And I would love to provide skill education to people who can’t afford to invest but are willing to do something worthwhile in this industry. For that reason I’ll do some charity in terms of education.

I have faced so many ups and downs in my life. But I always keep myself busy in one or other thing which motivates me to do something worthwhile in my life .What I have learnt in this world is that everything is interconnected with energy so I never let my energy level low regardless of how many obstacles come in my way . What I have learnt from my family, friends and mentors is that I should never give up on anything,turn your anger and failure into passion which eventually leads us to follow and accomplish our goals. personally do believe that if any individual determined to do anything , universe conspires to make it happen .

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