Haarrdika Rajdev, Founder of Sofweb Consultancy, is on a mission to ignite the spark within and transform 1 million lives by 2025.

A Master NLP Practitioner, Life skills Coach, Genetic Brain Profiling Consultant, Career Growth Enhancer with a hands-on experience of 10 years in Learning & Development has been awarded the best Soft Skills Trainer (2021) by the National Institute of Skills Training.

The journey to being a Transformation Coach wouldn’t have been possible without her own life experiences of overcoming hardships and rising from insecurities to building a name for herself. Ten years back, she was one of those numerous married females in the Indian society who faced an identity crisis and felt like “no one” until she determined that she needed to build her own identity and make a place for herself in the world.

Rising from insecurities and being “invisible,” she embarked on her journey to up-skill herself. In the past decade, she has transformed over 10,000 lives to help them break shackles and move closer to their goals. Her goal is to help people make their place in the world, be independent and finally give back to society.

From 0 to Hero – that’s her story. In the past decade, she has been associated with various corporates to train employees, including Amazon, HUL, Royal Enfield, Astra Zeneca, MRF, and others, where she has tried to change attitude with her training. Through the 275+ coaches that have trained under her, she feels that she is on the right path to give back to society as the chain is building on.

In line with her goal of stopping every mother from compromising on their aspirations and dreams, finding an identity for themselves, and breaking the shackles imposed on them, she has been identified as a Woman Transformation Coach. With her 1-1 training, she has given wings to the dream of mothers who had restricted themselves time and again. According to her, when you transform the life of a man, you touch just one life, but when you transform the life of a mother, you touch the life of an entire family.

She has been a well-reputed coach for Sales, HR personnel, Managers, and C-suite employees. She helps them build on their soft skills to get the best result and motivate the team to outperform. Soft skills for her is like salt, and it perfectly complements the technical skills one has, which helps to channel and utilise one’s knowledge to the maximum potential.

When you are on a mission to change 10,00,000 lives – you can’t rest, and so she does not! Striving to work harder each day is her mantra. The transformation she sees in individuals is the energy she channelizes to continue to push harder every day.

Website : https://sofweb.in/ 

LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/haaarrdika-softskillsexpert6

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