Research reports that the craze for Wedding Photography and Films in wedding couples has been on consistent rise in India since 2013.

In the last few years, the demand for excellent wedding photographers has taken a big surge and a great pre-wedding or wedding film has always been an element of talk between wedding couples.

Wedding couples are so excited nowadays about their Pre-Wedding and Wedding Films and they put so much energy into it. From the shoot location selection to finding the best dresses to curating the best song for their films, they are just so involved in every element.

This is what grabbed the eyeballs of the 3 co-founders of Grey White Studios in the year 2017 as a big opportunity when they realized the big potential of the wedding industry.

Abdullah Ansari (an IIM Alumnus), Umez Khan (A Model Turned Photographer) and Zulfiquar Ahmed (a Hindu College Dropout turned Entrepreneur) realized that the wedding photography industry is completely unorganized and almost all the photographers in the country do not have proper systems and process to deliver a mesmerizing experience to their wedding clients

This is what the three co-founders sensed and made a decision to solve the pain points of the wedding couples to deliver them a highly customized Wedding & Pre-Wedding Films based upon the couple’s story

After envisioning this potential, the three co-founders decided on the idea of starting up a Wedding Photography & Film-making Business and made a vision on how they all can bring a differentiable change in the Business of Wedding Photography.

The Pain Points that Wedding Couples faced for their deliverables of Wedding Photography.

#1. Same Concepts of Weddings & Pre-Weddings. No Customization in the couple’s films according to their story.

#2 Delayed Delivery of their Wedding & Pre-Wedding Films

#3 Lack of Professionalism, Communication & Commitment from Photographers.

All these were big pain points of the wedding couples. Team Grey White Studios successfully solved all the above major 3 pain points through the implementation of proper systems, automation, and management in their Wedding Photography Startup and created an amazing experience for their wedding couples.

Currently, all the shoot, editing, and delivery by a Photographer happen through manual processes which do not bring speed in the delivery of the projects on time which ultimately makes the life tough of the wedding couple in getting their final photos & films on time.

Grey White Studios introduced fast and efficient wedding project management systems in their organization to deliver super-fast wedding and pre-wedding films to their couples.

This speed delivery of projects made the company grab a lot of word of mouth from their existing clients which ultimately gave wings to their growth.

Grey White Studios is now planning an expansion and franchise of its brand to PAN India. Apart from this, the 3 co-founders also planning to launch their wedding planning vertical to duplicate the same experience given to their Wedding Photography Clients

You can find about Grey White Studios here:

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