Govindjee – Delicious ethnic snacks and Namkeen of Rajasthan now will be available at your doorstep.

“Govindjee has successfully captured the soul of Rajasthani culture and the essence of Jaipur in the taste of the variety of their roasted Namkeen and other roasted snacks, serving since 1954.”

Being chatpata remains the hottest trend of all the season, and Govindjee’s namkeen and snacks have added a chatpata-ness in every festive greeting since its inception. Govindjee, a pioneer that came into being in 1954, has been a leading brand in palatable food items, which makes one dive into the strict diet they are intended to follow with a tradition of delivering mouth-watering snacks and Namkeens along with bakery products to every household. Govindjee provides a unique blend of tangy, tasty products that are not only healthy but easily digestible without compromising the quality that unquestionably makes them stand apart from the crowd. 

Govindjee was established in 1954 by Mr. Ramnath Vijay with just ten varieties of roasted Namkeen which rose to the new pinnacle by Mr. Jagmohan Vijay with a wide variety of food products in the roasted category as well as fried Namkeen category such as chana zor gram ankurit moong besides elevating to a gajak and bakery division  as the per the demand of the customer along with the store comprising of Premium grocery and high-quality dry fruits all embedded as a one-stop-shop for all food products.

Govindjee has a variety of crispy integrated food products there’s a lot to savor:

  – Sattu and daliya for night craving

 – Roasted namkeen with morning chai

– Diet Mixture for mixed moods

– Namkeen for the Guest room

– Falahari Namkeen when you are fasting

– Seeds and Dry Fruits while reading and learning.

– Healthy bakery products for kids

With a team of highly energetic and foodaholics, Govindjee strives to maintain their aim of “Taste and Health Go Together,” To make sure they stick to it, they assure top-notch taste for healthy product categories like Sattu-Daliya, Seeds, and Dry Fruit. The recipes are truly authentic made from the best quality ingredients. Their authenticity has made their brand ‘Govindjee’ popular in Rajasthan and other metro cities of India. 

Govindjee never leaves any stone unturned in delivering superior products, promptly and budget-friendly for those who have a strange knack for the taste of roast unbound by the geographical location that makes the availability of the best foods at your doorstep. Even amid the pandemic and competitive edge of the market, Govindjee always emerged as a steward for its exceptional quality in its food products.  

 Eventually, contentment matters, and that becomes possible by spreading happiness with the exotic aura of food all around, and Govindjee makes an effort to delight their customers by serving them with exclusive regional delicacies. Whether it is any occasion or mood, Govindjee has various products that can make everyone joyful and every festival or event splendid and glorious. Their innovativeness highlights from their different products and exceptional packaging are an addition to their commitment to customer satisfaction and the products picked up with the best quality of raw materials. 

Govindjee also has products for the diet conscious people such as:

– Mouth-watering diet mixture which is not just healthy but tasty too.

– Blend of Diet mixtures and Falahari Namkeen that takes care of both health and taste.

– Special Roasted namkeen, especially for the customers who avoid fried foods but can take the taste of roasted and crunchy flavor.

Though customers expect discounts and free shipping while shopping online, unlike other companies, the concept of discount and free shipping is not made mandatory by Govindjee due to its product’s fair pricing and the delivery of its priced quality. Indeed it is enough to build loyalty with its customers. 

The customers recommend Govindjee’s Gajak, which is diet-friendly made of jaggery but not with sugar. Govindjee’s roasted namkeen has also made a special place in the heart of the customers. Customers feel glad to be satisfied in terms of the product quality concerning its prices. 

So what’s stopping you? Now be ready to spread happiness with Govindjee’s broad range of customized snacks and namkeen food products. Quality products at an affordable price make a deadly combination which is hard to give it a miss. Grab it now, available online at, or you can visit their stores at the following address.


D-84 Janpath Shyam Nagar, New Sanganer Road

Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019

 Vijay Stores 

Shop no 245 – 246 kotwali khanda, Choti Chopad,

Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Email – Toll Free: 18003091942

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