May 27, 2022

Exporters in India have a perpetual list of obstacles that keep them from running a smooth business. From infrastructure to connectivity, several elements make business difficult for Indian Exporters. But, gradually, with time, circumstances are changing. However, numerous aspects have already been improved by certain marketplaces. With the assistance of the right platform, Indian exporters can overcome such hurdles and move towards a promising future. 

Global Trade Plaza, a reputable name in the business-to-business ecosystem, has come up with an antidote of a kind. They have introduced a platform that recognises the impediments Indian exporters encounter and empowers them with relevant solutions. In the words of experts at Global Trade Plaza, “Our vision is to be the ultimate solution to every complication faced by exporters and importers and make international trading simple, safe and quick.”

Global Trade Plaza connects Indian exporters, suppliers, and manufacturers with domestic and international buyers. They provide a robust portal that facilitates safe and transparent international trade without having issues such as payment modes, shipment terms, language barriers and product quantities. Sellers are equipped with a digital platform that helps them exhibit their products to a gigantic base of potential buyers. Sellers with resources complementing the buyer’s requirements can connect and conduct business accordingly without any intermediary interference. 

A glimpse at the services offered by them-

  • Sales-qualified Buy Leads Generation
  • Access To Global Seller-Buyer Committees
  • Direct Communication with Potential Buyers
  • Unlimited Product Listings 
  • Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Interactive Business Website Development 
  • Consultation, Guidance & More

Gone are the days when a seller had to wait for ages for a lead that might or might not convert. You can benefit from Global Trade Plaza irrespective of your business type and industry. They have the unshakable trust of national and international sellers and buyers from assorted sectors such as agriculture, textile, leather, electronics, pharmaceutical and many more. 

If you are in the B2B sector and are looking to boost your business, Global Trade Plaza is the key. Regardless of the business type, size and region, they have a solution for everyone. Whether you are a buyer in quest of reliable suppliers or a supplier in constant need of legitimate buyers, register your business on Global Trade Plaza and get everything you require and more. They offer bespoke and cost-effective services that are supervised by industry professionals with years of expertise and knowledge.

Global Trade Plaza has equipped teams of qualified professionals who go forth and beyond to deliver extraordinary results. They have B2B specialists who will help you understand the supply chain and how your business can outshine its competitors and progress onward. Global Trade Plaza has successfully cultivated a transparent and secure business environment perfect for new and established companies. 

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