“Get Your FIRST JOB” – The Entrepreneur is building an AI based Platform for Engineers : ANKIT SINGH

Ankit has been in the corporate and startup ecosystem for years and he knows how important and tough it is to build a team. And on the other side after working closely with the fresh engineering graduates, he found that its really tough for the fresh engineering graduates to get the right job or you can say ” to find the first job “. To solve this root cause, Ankit is building an AI-based Job and Internship platform for engineers. It will help the fresh engineering graduates to find their first job. With their strong AI algorithm, the platform would be connecting engineering graduates with recruiting companies. It will also help the fresh engineering graduates to Upskill themselves. Overall it would be a complete career tech platform for Engineers. Before its launch, this platform will go through A/B testing. For A/B testing, Ankit has personally reached out to many employers and students and is regularly receiving feedbacks. 

When asked about his Entrepreneurship journey so far he said “ After getting passout from the college, I have been into the startup ecosystem and have failed multiple times miserably. Till date, I tried starting up with 5, out of which 3 failed and 2 are live. All the startups were bootstrapped. Though the journey is full of challenges, struggles, and sacrifice, but I am just enjoying my journey to its fullest.”

This new startup is named ‘AFTER PASSOUT’ that is keeping engineers and companies on the same platform for competitive hiring. This initiative got a lot of positive responses. AFTER PASSOUT would be solving all the challenges faced by freshers to get their first job in the industry. The platform would provide complete end-to-end solutions. The platform will have a huge database of fresh engineering graduates. The startup plans to help more than a billion engineers in the 1st year of its launch. This will totally wipe out the problems which is being faced by the first-time jobseekers who have been out of job for a long period of time due to the pandemic. This will be the new agenda of those who are unemployed.

Talking to Mr.Ankit he says So far their team consists of 8-10 people who are building this amazing platform and they have been working since last 7-8 months. The startup is all set to launch its Android and iOS platform. The platform will be launched with a lot of technology-enabled features and to have an amazing, smooth and world-class experience. 

When asked about the product launch, he says they are planning to launch it in phases. He avoids sharing the tentative date of the product launch but it’s expected to be launched by end of the year.  

With a mission to transform the lives of millions of engineering graduates and help them to earn their first income, After passout would be creating a great impact on the Engineering community. Its being proudly built for engineers and by Engineers.

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