From Freelance Model to Entrepreneur, Read Shubham Acharya Journey

Shubham Acharya is a young passionate mind who with his innovative approaches and techniques has built different platforms that offer various solutions and services to the clients at very affordable prices. Shubham is the owner of Subh Eventz, co-founder of Creactive Media and is a partner at Foodcure Jagdalpur. Our team interviewed him getting insights about his and life and learning about his experience in the industry. We bring to you Shubham Acharya.

Q: Shubham how did you start your journey, tell us about your background, please.

A: I come from a town in Chhattisgarh name Jagdalpur from a middle-class family, and I have always led a simple lifestyle. I firmly believe in staying on the ground and aiming high. I am a very simple guy with big aims in life. I have worked in various sectors I have been working since I was 16 years old and since then I have never looked back.

Q: What are the sectors that you have worked in and what was your role?

A: I always look for investment opportunities where I can learn and widen my horizon. I started as a freelance model but I soon realised that this is not my cup of tea, then I switched from modelling to event industry and since then I’m actively working in this industry. I am also the cofounder of Creactive Media, and Utkarsha is the founder. Creactive is a 360-Degree digital marketing agency that caters the need of every business and I’m also a partner at Foodcure Jagdalpur with Sagar Sharma.

Q: Wow! Can you share your insights and experiences about working in multiple sectors and how do you manage things?

A: Before anything, my team members they are so passionate and determined about the work that makes it very easy for me to manage such things because of them. I have been working in the event, hospitality and entertainment industry since 2015 and have done more than 500 events in these years.

Our company, Subh Evetz is an event management and hosting that make your events memorable. The company is known for providing best decoration and event services. We have special expertise and experience in Club Programming and Promotions. We also do corporate events like product launch B2B shows, concert shows, mimicry show, roadshows etc. We also organise and host wedding making sure that the experience is unmatched and unparalleled matching the requirements of the couples. Other services that we offer include fashion shows, trade shows celebrity shows etc. covering all the needs of under one roof. Apart from event management a digital market company Creactive is founder by Utkarsha and cofounded by me.

Creactive Media is one stop solution for all the digital marketing needs of the customers. The company helps SMEs, Start-ups, offline retailers and all the individuals who wish to expand their business digitally. Our team involved highly experienced professionals who specialise in various things like developing online platforms, mobile development, software development, and digital marketing services which improve the positioning and enhance the exposure of our clients.

Currently I’m doing brand curation for Plunge Lounge, one of the biggest clubs in India

Q: What are the other services that are offered by Creactive Media?

A: Services vary from Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing Strategy, Public Speaking, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Market Research, Product Marketing and the list goes on. According to the needs of the customers.

Q: What is your message to the aspiring eventpreneurs out there?

A: My message to them is you will face ups and downs in life, but do not give up. Explore various fields and find your interest. Focus on quality instead of quantity, I too have faced ups and downs but the do-not give up attitude is the key.

Q: If you can share, what are your future plans?

A: Currently I am residing in Pune, and I operate my business from here. I wish to expand my business pan India and offer variety of services in the coming months.

Paying much attention to the feedbacks we get we are continuously working to get better.

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