Because You Didn’t Achieve Something that Doesn’t Mean You Never Will

Because You Didn’t Achieve Something that Doesn’t Mean You Never Will. Too many new authors, it just didn’t seem like much is going to happen to them or with their stories. But Durvesh Yadavhad a different attitude. From the day he started writing his book, he knew that it was going to be a success. The prime motive for him to write was not just being famous but to get his voice heard. He wanted people to know about his ideas, and they were certainly never talked about before.  

In school days, Durvesh wasn’t a golden child. He never quite adjusted with the idea of mugging up everything and spitting it out in the answer sheet. With no practical learning, there was no value of such education at all. But he would still manage to score well in academics all along.

Unfortunately, he failed in English in class 10, and that was really disheartening as he had never faced a failure before. He really liked the subject but the schooling system was just not his cup of tea. In those days, he thought of giving up too but he knew that, if he gives up now, he would lose a lot later.

Giving up can be easy in many situations. However, giving up could mean losing out on something amazing in the future. He never let his failures stop him and rather kept on learning from them. Do you know what should you do with such specific failures?

You should take the chance to learn something from them. Each failure is a lesson and it can help you learn exactly what you need to do to make yourself the best. He knew that this failure was going to make him something big in the future. From that day, he started working to polish his skills and learn better.

Day by day he was not just turning himself into a writer but he was becoming a generous human being. He worked for others and helped them in every single way he could. Eventually, the diligent efforts and passion started showing him away. All that he learned and observed in his life, he decided to put in words and named the book “what they don’t teach us.

As it is said- if you have true intentions, no goal is hard to reach. His book was accepted to be published in no time. Durvesh was overwhelmed and thanked God for the blessings. He is now on his way to becoming one of the youngest authors at the age of 22. In the end, all we can say is that the journey wasn’t easy but his pure determination made it possible.

Shivam Madaan

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