January 30, 2023
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Fitpiq by Dr Sneha Chopra is a game-changer in the wellness Industry which became a new name for people’s fitness needs.

Fitpiq by Dr Sneha Chopra is a game-changer in the wellness Industry which became a new name for people’s fitness needs.

Fitpiq is a wellness brand started by Dr Sneha Chopra back in 2015 that is helping middle-aged men and women live a fit, active and healthy lifestyle. 

This brand is all about people losing weight, getting healthy and staying active by choosing to work out at home or nearby gym or even their garden space. People can choose a personal nutrition expert to take care of their diet needs. It may be a 121 fitness coach or a group coaching method. To book a free consultation call with a Fitpiq coach, you can use this link: https://calendly.com/fitpiq/15min 

Fitpiq helps connect clients with their mentor coaches who help them with lifestyle correction, eating habits, and not giving up on their favourite foods.

Fitpiq has a very unique yet scientific backed approach to helping people heal from within using principles of Calorie deficit, Detoxification and Intermittent fasting. With these methods, many of their clients have seen improvements in their health parameters like improved HbA1c, cholesterol levels, dip in elevated Blood pressure, etc. For exercising, Fitpiq practices the principle of optimal workouts. Working out optimally within the week instead of spending hours at the gym helps people stay on track with their fitness goals. Dr Sneha Chopra, founder of Fitpiq. As time is the biggest constraint for many working professionals, combining the right diet, working out optimally, and focusing on mental health through yoga and meditation offers the right blend to achieve the best health. Now, Fitpiq is helping clients get active, fit and healthy all over the world. Fitpiq has clients in India, Germany, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. 
A certified fitness coach, a certified nutritionist, a certified marathon coach and a Physiotherapist turned entrepreneur. Dr Sneha started her journey as a fitness coach while studying in college (she also holds a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy). Since then, she has known her passion. Back in 2016, she knew that the real underline problem with middle-aged men and women was Time. Hence opting for a gym membership is a waste. Therefore she created a solution that pushes them right from their bed and gets them started on their journey to great health from their home. Dr Sneha Chopra is also a podcaster. Her podcast “Get Healthy, Get Fit” by Dr Sneha Chopra gets played all around the globe. You can listen to her podcast on: Spotify, Apple podcast, Podtail and many more.

Her apple podcast link: https://podcasts.apple.com/in/podcast/get-healthy-get-fit-by-sneha-chopra/id1514526783  

Her Spotify podcast link: https://open.spotify.com/show/7i1ha0R9XUrwP4mdgCUTOn 

‘I feel, the 3 essential aspects towards lifestyle management or to lose weight is to have a goal (essentially your tangible target), a checkpoint system or timely monitoring (so that you feel answerable) & most important – a source of motivation (a mentor or team that nudges you each time). When all 3 blends in together, your success is bound to happen. 

A good coach can train you well, but a great coach will make this process & the journey enjoyable & beautiful for you… 

Hence I founded FITPIQ, which implements 3 core values in its coaching system – SETTING THE RIGHT GOAL, CREATING TIMELY MONITORING & DELIVERING BEST MENTORSHIP. To know more about us, visit us on fitpiq and let’s connect. 

Email: support@fitpiq.com

Call us on : +91-8882925887, WhatsApp: +91-7303615652 

Website: fitpiq.comsnehachopra.com  

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