Firmingle is India’s latest and most active community of investors that connects startups with potential investors with assured confidentiality and advisory services. Firmingle does not charge any transaction fee on any deals and this makes Firmingle a perfect corporate matchmaking platform for businesses and startups to connect with potential investors, buyers and sellers!

As a matter of fact, entrepreneurship is inherently risky and it has been the buzzword for every tech savvy people with profitability being the end goal together with Finance being the life blood of every business. It’s likely to have an idea capable of churning massive revenue, and inspiration but often to run a business smoothly and increase revenue a strong team, client base and most importantly huge investment is needed along with right connections that support your idea. Earning huge profits requires serious investments in the form of money and at times plethora of business ideas falls short in front of investment.

Firmingle is a leading investment platform coined by Gautham Ayoor with an aim to eliminate the biggest obstacle of lack of exposure, limited funding opportunities and declining motivation in businesses, startups and visionary minds whether big or small. It is a companion to all businesses that strives to simplify the journey of the customers by matching prospects with relevant companies. This makes Firmingle a platform which is accessible, practical and convenient for entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs comes up with a solid business idea but it takes a hefty investment to build the business a brand, put effort into marketing along with excellent customer service. At times meeting the day to day working capital becomes a mountainous task and Firmingle turns every eureka moment into an established business by providing with innovative solution for every business and startups so that they can come out with flying colours and make things beneficial and easier by simplifying the investment management.

The idea behind the formation of Firmingle originated from the personal investment of Mr. Gautham Ayoor whose proactive investment in companies expected good returns but lost out on his deals due to Coronavirus Pandemic. This triggered him to create a platform that can serve as a one stop corporate space that comprises of Investors looking for businesses, founders looking for replacement or co founders, and businesses put out on sale.

The disconnection between ‘what funds are needed and how much revenue is generated’ turns out to be the biggest risk for any business owners that makes them run out of money. Often the poorly visualized business plan leads to ongoing problems once the firm is operational and this drag down the business. Whether you are company or a sole proprietor you can easily raise funds and enjoy the benefits of high class investors with safety and security amid uncertain scenario.

It’s mandatory to safeguard a new or established business and every obstacle needs to be tackled. The most common reason businesses fail or doesn’t get started is the lack of funding as building a successful business takes more than a great idea and a vision. As a service provider, Firmingle take a note of the business portfolio of the clients and prepares the strategic plan of action and connects with the right set of investors who can help grow their business.

Firmingle has come up with a life changing opportunity for the businesses to accomplish their entrepreneurship goals. You have worked hard for your business; now convert your business idea into a successful deal. Sign up and get set go at free!

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