FIFA 22 Trailer, Launch Date Announced, Bringing HyperMotion, Create a Club and More


FIFA 22, just like every year, will make for the latest edition of one of the most played gaming franchises of all time. The reveal trailer for the new game was introduced on July 11, sparking more excitement among football fans amid Leo Messi’s first and long overdue international trophy win in Copa America, and England’s eventual defeat to Italy in Euro 2020. While the reveal trailer is only just that, and gameplay trailers are still possibly some time away into the future, EA Sports has detailed one key new aspect that the developers are clearly keen to showcase – HyperMotion. Along with that, a number of key details have also been given out, including the launch date, and details around what more would be new in the game.

FIFA 22 release date and eligible platforms

According to EA Sports, FIFA 22 will be launched for everyone to buy and play on October 1. The game is squarely directed at new generation platforms, i.e. the Microsoft Series X|S and Sony PlayStation 5. It is also coming to Google Stadia, and the older generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. It will, of course, also be available in PCs, and EA has also confirmed that a FIFA 22 Legacy Edition will be introduced for Nintendo Switch as well. As always, EA Play members will get early access to the game, as well as monthly in-game rewards that will likely prove fruitful for FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) players.

New features in FIFA 22

The headlining new feature in FIFA 22 is HyperMotion. It is a new motion capture technique, which in EA speak will make the game hyper realistic. To be specific, the developers have claimed that HyperMotion capture technology, which unsurprisingly features machine learning at its core, will turn FIFA 22 into “football’s most realistic and immersive gameplay experience.” The latter will, however, be specifically offered on the two new generation gaming consoles and Stadia, so PC players may feel a bit left out.

HyperMotion has been apparently developed using real-time motion capture and animation creation by tracking high intensity football played by 22 ‘pro’ players. The likes of Christian Pulisic, Trend Alexander-Arnold and Kylian Mbappe feature prominently in the trailer, so it may be safe to assume that they were among these 22 players whom EA tracked to help create the game. While gameplay details are yet to come through, the trailer indicates more realistic player movement, both player and ball physics, and a less puppet-like mechanism when taking set pieces, among others.

Other new features that have been tipped in reports include an all-new Create a Club mode in Career Mode, which will seemingly allow players to create their own club and set about their footballing journey. According to screenshots posted online, the new Create a Club mode will allow players to “lead them (the club) from relegation candidates to global giants.” Hopefully, there would be some fun new animations that would let you, the club’s founder and manager, to oversee it being bought by Elon Musk in Bitcoins, and having your stadium renamed to the Tesla Gigastadium.

FIFA 22 has also reportedly revamped the player career mode, which will seemingly become more immersive than ever before. FUT Zone, which is known for tracking football happenings, has tweeted about this “overhauled” player career mode, which apparently “gives you more ways to progress, achieve and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.” Hopefully, this will entail more elements a few more cut-scenes and stoic head-nods by silent players and managers. FUT Zone has further claimed that FIFA 22 may allow players to use their own faces when setting up a new Player Career or Manager Mode.

Even after all its progress, one of the key criticisms of FIFA 21 has been a lack of maturity in how the AI behaves in terms of player runs, mimicking more player characteristics with better accuracy, ball physics, and how the ball drops and deflects when in the air. Reports on the internet have also claimed a “revamped” goalkeeping system, which would hopefully better define stats of goalkeepers such as Gianluigi Donnarumma of Italy and Emiliano Martinez of Argentina – both having just won Player of the Tournament and Golden Glove awards at the just concluded Euro 2020 and Copa America, respectively.

More FIFA 22 details will, of course, be on the way in the coming days, with less than three months to go for the game’s official launch. Keen players of the franchise will hope that HyperMotion finally takes the game up to the level of realism that they (including us) have been clamouring for. The game is said to feature 17,000 players across 700 teams and more than 90 stadiums, but there’s no update on whether Piemonte Calcio will let go of its disguise, yet.

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