Fankar Foundation: Turning your skills into 7 Figure Digital Business

While every industry is turning to be content based in 2021, the scope in the market for you is only if you can showcase your story which people can understand. Content is nothing but your own story, it is the only thing that can differentiate you from others. Science has proved storytelling to be a great skill that can help you convey your message in the more impactful manner, stick to the brain for a longest time possible and inspire people to take desired actions.

Divya Vashishth has mastered the part & parcel of this Freelancing business and she works with a small team of 2 people. Divya helps Digital Marketing Freelancers get high paying clients and become a ‘Brand’ organically without without relying on referrals, complicated funnels, live webinars or sites like upwork with her Storytelling & LinkedIn gamification Program

Her life is said to be changed completely after her MBA from SOIL (The most unique B-school in the country), National school of Drama (Where she nurtured her creativity), and Toastmasters club. The failures and success encountered by her in the corporate world made her an Entrepreneur. She started Fankar Foundation with her Brother back in year 2016.

If we talk about the current scenario, then the mindset shift has happened & people want to skip 9-5 while attaining financial freedom by becoming their own boss .Most of the Digital marketing start-ups, Freelancers or Agency owners are found to be excited about the concept of entrepreneurship but are lacking behind in various aspects of business. Some have knowledge but no guidance; some have a great zeal to start an online business but unfortunately lack a proper automated system. Every time they start freelancing, they get low ticket clients who ask them to sell their services at vegetable prices. This under evaluation of their skill crushes their spirit and henceforth they stop trying.

Everyone knows that generating leads & doing live webinars every single time is super hectic & waste of money. For some tech is overwhelming & they struggle all their lives to create these complicated Facebook funnels. Many freelancers are creating profiles on Upwork and Fiverr but still fail to get clients due to high competition. Last but not the least , these digital entrepreneurs have taken many courses that has left them even more confused & have wasted a lot of time.

Fankar Foundation realized the pain points & started working on the same with their personalized 1:1 online coaching. It’s the only program in India for Digital marketing Freelancers where they help Digital marketers get High paying Clients & become a Brand without relying on referrals, complicated funnels, live webinars or sites like Upwork with their “Storytelling & LinkedIn gamification program”.

‘Fankar’- as the name suggest, means art of doing anything in life. Since Divya and her brother are creative souls, they thought of naming and shaping their organization in the most creative way possible, even the online ones. Their coaching works in a unique concept as it has many creative activities that would be a life changing experience for anyone taking the program. Fankar Foundation believes one should not settle for less in life because everyone deserves to reach the sky.

Their program is no upselling but a life time 1:1 Mentorship, they also guide for all software required to grow your business. Complete certification of an established and trust consultant is also provided to the students. They also provide opportunity for a Live Interview on their social media to promote your brand once you close your first 3 High Paying clients organically. Fankar have got Brand collaboration with E-learning firms like Prowisdom, and Graphy in the past.

So far Fankar Foundation has transformed the lives of 100 individuals. Some of them were individuals, Vice President of a leading Healthcare company, students from university like Sharda University, IP & DU. Due to her commitment to this field, Divya has been invited for Youtube webinars in various platforms like Taxolawgy, DataTrained. Her own webinars have got great popularity with 11k + views on Youtube and 12k+ followers on LinkedIn.   

Fankar trains you 360 degree with their magnetic combination of Storytelling & LinkedIn that makes you take your online business to next level. Their speciality is that they stick with you till the time you don’t get results. All these features make them the best Digital Education Company in the market if you are looking to write your success story  by getting High paying clients & organic branding.

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