FameLinks – An exclusive unique platform that brings digital beauty contest

As the tagline of FameLinks goes, You are just a selfie away from stardomit lets all the talented people showcase their beauty and talent from the comfort of home in the form of a beauty contest with contestants all around the world. The user can instantly participate in the worlds greatest and the most valuable beauty contest that gives them an exciting opportunity to be the most glamorous star in the app that comes together with exciting prizes under different categories and segments for different age groups. And the ultimate winner will be chosen by the audience itself irrespective of the age of the participants as it is correctly said that Beauty has no limits and it has no age. 

FameLinks is a platform for everyone to experience a journey of letting out creativity in a unique form. It is only about the creative and talented people irrespective of education, background, skin, size, or marital status. FameLinks aims to encourage women at their core as it believes that every woman is remarkable and deserves to reach the pinnacle of success in her way. Every woman is exceptional, and its time she must realize her dream of exploring the world and reaching the pinnacle of success that once she dreamt of. In FameLinks, the contestants can create video stories. Users can also select photos for their Lock screen wallpaper with the App Logo and the creators profile. Photo sharing or Video sharing can be done with App Logo and the creators profile pic. The App will provide a lot of filters for enhancing the beauty of anyone. There will be Content filtering for Nudity & Gore Violence Censor (Filter out).

The beauty contest will have specifications either Image, Videos, or Both. Challenge Winner will be rewarded with Bonus Points, and the top 5 Participants will be felicitated with sponsored gifts. Many girls aspire to become a model. The FameLinks app has brought a life-changing opportunity for getting noticed by model scout agencies and shining their luck besides getting features in the hall of fame and being famous forever. FameLinks is a single platform but brings in a multiple range of services. Along with beauty contests, a job hiring portal is also available where desired candidates can hunt for jobs from their comfort zone. It brings in various strategies for popularising the brands and beauty concept.

The idea behind the launch of FameLinks Apps came from the unique concept by BudLinks Pvt Ltd who has the vision to deliver multiple services and build a business on a global level using IT as the base platform. Undoubtedly, technology companies in India have driven growth, created jobs, and increased access to resources, resulting in an improved fall lifestyle that makes India the IT hub. They aim to bring forth that innovation that can be contributed to economic growth and will be made available in the country that was never sold in the market. BudLinks vision is to pioneer the particular space of business development in the entire world through India so that it reaches the greatest heights of the worlds top technological companies. 

Every mission comes with challenges, and there is no dearth of resources to take care of the challenges in BudLinks Pvt Ltd. It is a startup venture of 5 innovative working partners and 2 silent partners together with a team of young creative and passionate individuals and freelancers who strive to work at the best of their creative level. BudLinks is gearing up for the launch of the FameLinks app in December 2021. 

Be prepared to live your dream with an ocean of features on FameLinks. So what’s stopping you? Head towards the play store and download Now!

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